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Get ready for the best sauna in London on Father’s Day

If you are visiting the best spain London, you are probably going to have a session in the sauna or steam room. This means that to get the most out of your experience in the best sauna in London, you will need to do a little preparation to maximise the results.

How Saunas Work

The heat and moisture from the sauna help to revitalise the skin and rejuvenate the body. As you sweat because of the heat inside the sauna room, the moisture from the steam helps improve your skin condition and releases the toxins inside your body.

Although visiting a sauna duringwinter offers an excellent way to warm up the body, it is an experience that can be enjoyed at any time of the year. Of course, you will need to do some preparation work, so you can get the most out of your time in the sauna or steam room.

How to Prepare for a Steam Room

You will need to choose the right type of sauna or steam rooms to maximise the effect, so this means you will need to do a little research. Starting with looking at customer reviews tosee which Thai spa gets the best recommendations. Once you have decided which spa is right for you, the next step is the preparation.

Bookthe Sauna Time in Advance

Your sauna experience shouldfollow all other spa treatments you get at the Thai spa. This way, your body can fully relax and recuperate while inside the steam room.

Eata Light Meal

Depending on the time of day you visit the spa, a light breakfast or salad is the perfect meal before you go.This will help you feel better as you under go the different treatments and make the sauna session even more enjoyable.


Proper hydration is necessary before heading into the sauna as your body will sweat profusely even during ashort stay. By drinking plenty of water, you can avoid the possibility of dehydration and help the sweating process by which the toxins are removed.

WearComfortable Clothing

Loose, comfortable clothing will help your body recuperate and revitalise after your spa experience which should end with a sauna session.

If you want to enjoy a relaxing sauna in London, you will need to do a little preparation, including the 4 tops mentioned above, which will augment the results you received.

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How to do body polish at home?

Do you want to have healthy and glowing skin? Are you looking for a body treatment at the best spa in London? Every woman dreams of having radiant and smooth skin. In today’s world, we are so busy with our daily routine that we hardly have time to take care of our skin.  So, several women ask, how to get the perfect glowing skin in today’s fast-paced world?

Many people suggest daily moisturising and cleansing. However, the best solution to achieve a healthy looking skin is by body exfoliation. It is a useful treatment that will rejuvenate your skin, eradicate the dead cells, and help with collagen. This will make your scarred and tired skin get fresh and soft.

There are numerous ways through which you can exfoliate your skin and get fresh and more radiant looking skin. Have a look at the process of exfoliation.

Body Exfoliation

Most of the people avoid going to the spas for exfoliation. This is because they believe it will be a waste of money when they can do it them selves at home. Though exfoliation can be done athome, there are many things that you need to keep in mind. You don’t want toend up having rashes or irritated skin.

In order to get the complete benefit from exfoliation, you need a professional. Spas are the right place toget the body exfoliation as the professionals have comprehensive knowledge ofthe different exfoliation methods.

The most common ways toexfoliate is mechanically or chemically. Mechanical exfoliation is aninexpensive and simple way to have youthful and healthy skin.

Using Body Polish

One of the best ways to exfoliate your body is by using body polish. Most of the body polish products contain salt, crushed fruit seeds, sugar, and pumice. With the help of scrubbing, you can get rid of dead skin cells as your flaky skin will be removed.Some of the body polish will have an oily base that will leave your skin moisturised and give a soothing effect. If you want to get a wonderful skin,there are numerous day spas in London. They offer a wide range of body polish treatments that will help you achieve radiant skin.

The process of Body Exfoliation

Body exfoliation is, in fact, an easy spa treatment. If you want to have a quick body exfoliation at home, youcan easily do it yourself. If you are using body polish, such as our iMantara Siamese Serenity Refining Body Polish, you just need to bring it with you whenyou are having showers. And you can focus on the areas, such as elbows, feet as you like.

Thai SquareSignature Scrub

At Thai Square, we offer an excellent body exfoliation treatment, which is known as Thai Square Signature Scrub. This body treatment is a great way to provide your body with themuch-needed polish. The great thing about this scrub is that we use natural herbal ingredients. It is useful as it will tighten your skin and enhance the circulation that will make your skin softer, glowing, and pleasant looking.

If you want to experience aluxurious and thorough body polish spa treatment, then our Thai Square Signature Scrub is perfect for you. We are now offering an Exotic Body Radiance package, which you can enjoy a 1-hour ritual massage in addition to your45-minute body polish.

Book now with the best spa deals in London.

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Top Ritual Therapies at Thai Square Spa

Massage therapy is becoming popular rapidly because of its plentiful benefits. This is a great way to getrid of stress and feel rejuvenated. Everyone can benefit from a therapy becauseit uses natural ingredients to relax your mind, relieve tensions and improve the circulation of blood.

One of the therapies that are becoming mainstream is the Ritual Therapies. We have an extensive collection of Ritual therapies at Thai Square Spa that will help us focus on your bodywork to soothe your mind and soul. Here are the details about the ritual therapies offered at Thai Square Spa.

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9 Benefits of Treating Yourself to a Spa Day After Travelling

While travel is exciting and a chance to explore so many different places, it can be exhausting too. After along-haul flight or a full day of travelling across the country, or even exploring around London, there is simply not enough time and you will just wantto hit the bed. If I were you, I would like to enjoy the best massage inLondon, which just takes the exhaustion of the travel away and revives your energy for another day.

There are many spa centres offering treatments for travellers, and Thai Square Spa is the best spa inLondon, which has recently won the World Luxury Spa Awards 2018 for Best Unique Experience Spa. There is a range of high-quality and luxurious travellers spa treatments which you can choose from at Thai Square Spa.

Here are a few reasons that will convince you why you should try some of the spa treatments for travellers at the best Thai spa in London.

●      You feels relaxed

Everything about a Thai spa is that it is designed and put together in a way that makes you feel instantly calmer and relaxed. From the lighting to the treatments and décor, everything has a soothing effect on your senses.

●      Makes your skin glow

The spa treatments for travellers are designed to make your skin glow and look fresh. All that dead skin you have collected on your face and body during your travelling will betaken care of.

●      You get time to reflect

While getting the best Thai massage in London after your long journey, you get time to unwind and just reflect on life. The hustle of travel, taking pictures, moving around etc. can all overwhelm you. Being away from it all and just relaxing is the best feeling ever.

●      Improve your health

The sauna and steam rooms at aspa are great for respiratory conditions like asthma, cold and cough. You can pick up a cold or allergies on your travels too, hitting a spa is a great wayto make it better and open your airways, letting you breathe properly.

●      Improve your blood circulation

Effective and perfect massages improve the blood circulation and lower blood pressure at the same time. Theseare what you will need after your long-haul flight or train.

●      Prevent Varicose Veins

During travel, you make use ofyour legs a lot while walking or standing for a very long time. Getting a leg massage can help you prevent getting varicose veins.

●      Energy Boost

It depends on which treatment you decide to get. But getting a spa treatment that integrates oils like cedarwood, orange or lemon etc. can give you a boost of energy and revitalise your body and mind.

●      Decreased Migraines

If you get those terrible headaches that can leave you bedridden, you should consider getting a hand,feet or head massage. These are known to reduce the frequency of migraines greatly and help you enjoy your travel fully.

●      Be Happier

Massages are known to releaseserotonin, the happy hormone, which elevates your mood immediately. So why notget one of the spa deals in London and make yourself feel happier.

Visiting the best spa in London after your flight or train journey brings about countless benefits. At ThaiSquare Spa, we offer a wide selection of luxurious and relaxing spa treatmentsfor our exhausted travellers.

Have you spent a day at Thai Square Spa before? Let us know how your experience was.

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10 Essential Steps of a luxurious facial in London

One of the most popular spa treatments to get is a facial. The process involves cleansing and exfoliation of the facial skin that leaves your face looking fresh and glowing instantly,which is why it is so popular. You can get rid of your tired-looking face before an important event or a special occasion by hitting the spa and gettingthe best facial in London. Many spas also do a complimentary head and shoulder massage with the treatment which makes it a complete treat.

If you are visiting London or even if you reside here, you get a chance to enjoy some of the best facial treatments in London. But before you do, let’s discuss the 10 essential steps of a spa facial treatment to let you know what this treatment is all about.

Although, different spas may have different methods. There are some common steps involved that I will be discussing with you in this blog post.


After tying up your hair, your aesthetician at the spa will remove any makeup that you are wearing. She will then remove the cleanser from your face using wet sponges or cotton pads.


In this process, your aesthetician will assess your skin. Check your pores, pinch your skin for elasticity, and ask you about your skin care routine and expectation from the facial before recommending facial products that suited to your skin type.


This step involves using agel-based, cream based or mask exfoliator on your face. She will slowly massage the product on your face and neck to get rid of dry patches and dead skin. Later she will remove it with wet wipes, sponge or cotton pads.


This step involves applying steam to your face in the form of direct steam or a hot towel. This allows your skin to loosen any clogged pores and impurities out. Getting a facial London,especially in the winters and application of steam helps keep your face look lively and plump.


In this step, your aesthetician will extract blackheads from your skin. Most problematic areas are the nose andunder lips.


The massage increases the lubricity of your skin, your sinuses feel clearer and you feel calm and relaxed. Your aesthetician may use a lotion or essential oil for the massage.


Your aesthetician will apply a mask on your face according to your skin’s needs. For example, a clay-based mask for oily skin or a citrus mask to lighten skin with marks.

8.Some More Massage

During the time that your maskis left to dry. Your aesthetician or like some of the best spa in London do, another masseuse may massage your hands and feet to give you a complete spa experience.


After the mask is removed and the massage is done, your aesthetician will apply a serum on your face that is specific to your skin needs.

10.Final Touches

Before letting you go home, your aesthetician may apply cream or gel to your face as final touches and keep yourfacial skin hydrated.

Recently won the World LuxurySpa Awards 2018 for Luxury Beauty Spa, Thai Square Spa offers a wide range ofaward-winning and indulgent facial treatments for our spa-lovers.It is highly recommended to try out our Golden Maharani Facial, which has beenenjoyed by the contestants of the BBC Apprentice.

Now you know what to expect froma spa facial treatment. Why not check out our offers, some of the best spa deals in London.

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How much do you know about Foot Massage?

Your feet can play a vital partin the rejuvenation and relaxation of the body. Whenever you feel exhausted andtired of your hectic routine, why not spend a day in the best spa in London for luxurious spa treatments? There are many spa deals in London to choose from foryour beauty regimen, a relaxing foot massage will be the perfect option foryou.

As to as certain why a foot massage is so important for the relaxation and rejuvenation of body and mind,we should look into the history of why and how foot massages first originated.

Foot Massage; From theBeginning

The origins of a foot massagedate very far back in history and many civilizations have records of foot massages used as a procedure not only to acquire relaxation of mind and body but also to alleviate many health problems.

If you don’t believe us thenlet’s get stuck into it.

Take the Chinese as an example:They have been using therapeutic foot massages for medical treatments forapproximately 5,000 years. It is based on the concept of the life force calledQi which flows through the body along paths called meridians. By massaging theacupoints on the feet, it will effectively block pain, dysfunction andillnesses in the body.

In Egypt, much evidence has beenfound regarding foot massage techniques being used in Ancient Egypt. The tombof an ancient Egyptian physician has been known to have drawings on the wall ofreflexological techniques from 2,500 BC.

According to Indian history,records of foot massages have been found in the Vedic literature. God Narajanahused to be massaged by his wife, the goddess Lakshmi. This practice was thenfollowed by Vedic physicians for curing diseases and promoting relaxation ofmind, body and soul.

In American Indian culture andEuropean history also, the foot massage has been given great importance as areflexology therapy, used in both diagnosis and the healing process.

Oriental Foot Massage at ThaiSquare Spa

Based on the reflexology, the Oriental foot massage is a great way tofeel relaxation seep into your body through your feet. It stimulates theacupoints that are linked to different organs in the body. As a result, ithelps your body to alleviate pain, disperses the tension in your body andreduces inflammation. So that a new energy flows through you which is essentialin the healing and rejuvenating process.

You can always come to ThaiSquare Spa when you want to enjoy our luxurious Oriental Foot Massage. We nowoffer a 1-hour Super Stress Relief Spa Package, where you can pamper yourself with our amazing body and foot massages.

Visit Thai Square Spa and enjoythe best massage in London now!

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Top 5 reasons for enjoying a scalp massage at Thai spa

After a long week of difficult and strenuous work, there is no doubt that everyone wants to relax and engage in activities to rejuvenate. There are a lot of amazing activities available inLondon and if you are looking for something unique, you should try out a scalp/head massage at a day spa in London. London has a number of spa deals offering head and scalp massages that create an experience you will want tohave over and over again.

In addition to complete relaxation, a head massage carries the following benefits.

1. Better sleep

Do you toss and turn in bed wheneveryone else is asleep? Do you find it difficult to fall asleep even when youare exhausted? Well, if this is the case, then you have all the reasons to getthe best massage in London. Head and scalp massages help to relieve insomnia. Alot of people have better sleep after a good head/scalp massage. There isnothing more rejuvenating than a good night’s sleep. You wake up with a freshmind ready to face the day with a renewed gravitas.

2. Enhances blood circulation to the head

An efficient blood circulationto the head is important for the proper functioning of the brain. Without agood circulation, you suffer from light headedness that compromises the effectiveness of how your brain processes ideas. A good head massage, however,helps in improving circulation to the head. This helps adequate oxygen andnutrient supply to the vital parts of the brain keeping your head at the best of health with regards to blood circulation.

3. Improves the hair growth

If you are passionate about keeping long hair, then you need a head/scalp massage. Besides just helping theproper functioning of the brain, a good head and scalp massage improves bloodcirculation to the hair roots. This helps in improving the circulation ofnutrients and substances that nourish the hair thereby improving its growth. If the massage is done with essential oil, it helps in eradicating dandruff,improving the general health of your hair and scalp.

4. Quick relief of a tension headache

If you suffer from frequenttension headaches, then a good head/scalp massage would be an ultimate solutionwith fast relief. A good head massage from a professional reduces the levels ofstress hormones that are triggered in tension headaches. While doing a massage to relieve a tension headache, there should be a special emphasis at the baseof the skull where the headaches originate. A lot of people across the globe depend on head massages for headache relief and this gives another reason why you should have frequent head/scalp massages.

5. Reduces blood pressure

Head/scalp massage is alsoimportant in keeping the blood pressure at optimum levels. This is achieved through the reduction of the stress hormones that cause vasoconstriction leading to high blood pressure. If the massage also includes the face, itreduces wrinkling giving you a refreshed look and relaxed feeling.  

Interested in trying ahead/scalp massage at the best spa in London? At Thai Square Spa, you can enjoyour luxurious Oriental Scalp Massage that will definitely be the best way torelax. We are now offering a Super Stress Relief Package, which you can enjoyboth head and body massage within an hour.

Visit Thai SquareSpa today!

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Best Christmas Gifts – Introducing the iMantara Range at Thai Square Spa

To get the best massage inLondon this Christmas, you should choose a spa that not just offers greatservice but uses amazing products. And Thai Square Spa is doing exactly that.The new range of iMantra products is being introduced at the Spa. They are notonly available at our online shop, but we also use these wonderful products invarious therapies. Therefore, our customers can enjoy the best even afterleaving the spa. From topical treatment such as hand lotions and essential oilsto aromatic products such as room sprays and burner boxes, the iMantra rangehas it all.

In the following post, we introduce a few of the products from this incredible range that should be onyour Christmas shopping list:

Royal Rachawadee Massage andBody Oil

One of the best ways to relax isto massage the tired muscles of your body. But, you cannot always have the timeor afford getting a soothing session at the best spa in London. This is why wecreated this massage and body oil from iMantra. Used in many of our luxurious spa treatments, its refreshing and zesty formula is perfect for a light massage after the morning shower or a late night soak. What is even better is the soothing scent of citrus it leaves behind.

So Sen Uplifting Jasmine BodyLotion

No day is complete without somehealthy moisturising. This iMantara body lotion has a rich formula that penetrates the skin easily and deeply hydrates it. It contains a combination ofjojoba and Thai coconut oils along with jasmine, rose geranium, and peppermint essential oil.

So Sen Uplifting Jasmine BodyWash

Your bathing or shower timecould not become any better than this. Your skin needs nourishment and thisbody wash is perfect for doing that. With a sheer opulent texture, the bodywash contains coconut and olive oil along with jasmine water and jasmine sambac essential oil. The combination soothes and revives the skin, making your bodyand mind feel energised.

Peaceful Palms BalancingJasmine and Citrus Hand Lotion

Your hands do so much every day.They deserve some nourishing treatment too. This jasmine and citrus hand lotionfrom the iMantra beauty range is the perfect blend for keeping overworked hands healthy. It has a beautiful scent while the rich combination of mandarin essential oil, honey suckle extract, coconut oil, almond oil, and jojoba oil provide a non-greasy hydration. It is also helpful in repairing and regenerating damaged skin; refreshing the hands.

Sublime Living Jasmine andRachawadee Room Spray

When you have worked a long andtiring day, you just want to come back home and relax. Nothing could make abetter environment for relaxing than this rich and aromatic room spray from iMantra. It contains the power of fragrant botanicals from Thailand; namely thejasmine and Rachawadee. It will surround your room and create the aura of summer evenings.

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Thai Square Spa – A perfect day spa in London

After a season of hard work,there is no doubt that everyone wants to relax and rejuvenate themselves.  A lot of people across the globe havedifferent activities they engage in to help them rekindle their energy. Ifyou’re looking for something new to try out, then visit a Thai spa for theultimate experience. A day spa in London offers an experience you would want tohave over and over again.

Facial treatments

The face is the first point ofcontact in any social interaction and marker of beauty. Most of the time it isexposed to a number of injurious stimuli that alter its natural grace. Thescorching sun, dusty atmosphere and dirty water all come into contact and causedamage to our facial condition. It is common to experience blemishes,irritation, and infections that are all detrimental to your face. To keep itshealthy look, you need to adequately address its need through facial treatment.At Thai Square Spa, you get the best facial in London that returns your face toits optimum beauty and health. There is a host of talented and professionalstaff who will help you feel the difference in your face as you leave the spa.

Body treatment

There are a lot of activitiesand metabolic processes that our bodies run every day and it is natural to getexhausted. But what’s sweet about life is that you can always treat yourselfwith a luxurious body massage at the Thai spa even after putting it under verystrenuous and stressful activities. If you are looking for an ideal place for abody treatment, search no further because the Thai Square Spa is an open doorto a world of tranquillity, restoration, and relaxation. Here, there are avariety of body treatments that are designed to stimulate circulation, open theclosed pores and detoxify your body.


The sauna is another way torelax your body’s muscles at the Thai spa in London. A sauna is a heatedchamber that is designed to penetrate through your body to the muscles and toboost blood circulation and metabolism. The environment in the sauna lifts yourspirit and helps you refresh your energy. At the Thai spa, the sauna comes in conjunction with a good massage thathelps you completely unwind.

Foot massage

Our feet harbour a lot ofweight, and so aches and pains in the legs are very common. At Thai Square Spa,you get an outstanding foot treatment that effectively re energizes your legsand eliminates the pain from muscle soreness and sprains. The foot detoxifyingtherapy is one you don’t have to think twice about.

There are a lot of spatreatments available at the award-winning Thai spa in London - Thai Square Spa. If you are lookingfor some amazing spa deals in London, why not consider our Thai Serenity package, where you can enjoy both Thai Herbal Healer and body scrub. It will definitely be one of the mostfantastic spa days in London.

Check out our website for more details now!

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Luxurious Spa Packages at Thai Square Spa

For quite some time spas havebeen offering some of the best and effective massage services in rejuvenatingspa-goers. While out to get a massage, there is no doubt that everyone desiresa service that would meet their highest expectations while keeping themrelaxed. If you are looking for an authentic Thai massage in London, then avisit to the Thai Square Spa would offer you just that. This Thai spa is theultimate destination perfect for relaxing and unwinding by providing the best massage in London.

To make sure that you get the most out of your spa days in London, thefollowing spa packages from Thai Square Spa offer outstanding services for your personal needs.

Maternity spa packages

There is always a lot of anxiety that comes with pregnancy andit is important for a mother to take some time out and relax. There’s no doubtthat carrying a precious little life with that bump can sometimes beoverwhelming.  At the Thai Square Spa,there are a lot of soothing packages exclusively for the expectant mothers toease the anxiety. These special treatments are designed to help mothers gothrough the different changes in pregnancy without stress.

Bride to be packages

Weddings are one of the most important events in a woman’s lifeand every bride wants to feel elegant on her wedding day. Thai Square Spa makesyou feel totally radiant with their high-end treatments. They help keep yourelaxed even when there is a lot of work to do in preparation for the big day.You get the best floral foot bath, ritual massage, peaceful palms therapy,immaculate complexion facial, finger fabulous therapy and Siamese sole foottherapy.    

Gentleman spa package

The Gentleman spa package is a relaxing retreat designed for thegents. It is no doubt a perfect complement to a hard day’s work or a sunny dayat the beach. This package is a combination of a deep cleansing and toningtreatment for men, followed by a stress relieving face and shoulder massagethat will ease the tension. The deep massage targets trigger points to allow aseamless flow of energy.\

Couple spa packages

If you are looking for a heavenly weekend at a spa to rekindlethe romance in your relationship, then look no further than Thai Square Spa. Weoffer the best couples massage in London to make sure that you get what you’vealways wanted. This package has been designed for optimal relaxation,rejuvenation, togetherness, and romance. It is ideal for those who feel theywant something extra special to share with the one person they care about andlove.  It is guaranteed that you willleave the spa-inspired, relaxed and with increased levels of love.

Full day spa package

The full day spa package gives you full access to Sen Space anda lot of leverage to balance both the mind body and spirit. You also experiencethe floral foot bath, milk soak, refreshments, ritual hair remedies, and anexotic scrub.   

Half day spa packages

A half day spent at the Thai spagives more than you can ever imagine. The hydrotherapy, energising detox, Asiandetox and among the services that you will love to have over and overagain.  

Visit Thai Square Spa and browse for your own spa package today!

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Best Couples Spa Packages at Thai Square Spa

There’s nothing that rejuvenatesand sparks romance in a relationship quite like a good Thai spa massage.Besides just leaving you feeling great, there are countless health benefitsthat accompany a proper massage too.  Ifyou’re looking for a massage performed by professionals, then treat yourselfand that special someone to a Thai massage in London. There is a range of couples spa experiences you can choose fromat Thai Square Spa. Indulge a little on your next holiday with your loved oneat a day spa in London with one of the following packages:

The Couple Indulgence

The couple indulgence package atthe Thai Square Spa is no doubt a service to remember and repeat. This packageis ideal for any couple regardless of age. The 2 hour and 30 minutes’ session leaves you feeling healthier, happierand with rekindled love. The highly skilled therapists begin with a floral footbath, followed by an oriental foot massage, herbal steam and finished with atraditional Thai or ritual massage.

CouplesDivine Getaway

If you are looking for Thairitual treatments to nurture your soul and provide you with a romanticsanctuary with your partner, then you need to pay a visit to a Thai spa inLondon for a one of a kind couples massage in London. The couple’s divinegetaway is a package that leaves you with a desire to visit this place moreoften. It creates an ambience of love and an environment where you would wantto be with your loved one. This experience consists of a floral foot bath, anexotic scrub that softens and rejuvenates your skin, a luxury Thai Healer Massageand finishes with a facial revival that makes you look younger. Throughout thetreatment, there is a variety of refreshments to enjoy too. This package is ideal for couples at any age and lasts for three hours. This package also comesat a very cost-effective rate giving you great value for your money.

ThaiSquare Royal Couple

As its name suggests, this Thaispa package is designed to make both you and your partner feel like royalty.Everyone enjoys that feeling and if you have never had the pleasure then visita day spa in London for the privilege. Thai Square Royal Couple comes with manyservices that are ideal in creating a stronger bond between couples as well asimproving your health. You will enjoy an exotic scrub to treat your skin,herbal steam, the Thai Square jade hot stone massage, and finally, a peacefuldetoxifying therapy.  This consists of apeaceful palms therapy and detoxifying foot therapy to keep your body free fromany toxins. Men will have a majestic jade facial to keep him young and handsomeand their queens will enjoy the Maharani facial. There is full day access to Sen space with traditional Thai refreshments.

Looking for the best and luxurious couples spa packages? Why not try out our award-winning couples spa packages at Thai Square Spa! Check out our latest spa deals in London on our website!

Hope you will enjoy the perfectday spa in London with your partner at Thai Square Spa!

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Introducing Our Latest Thai Lotus Defense Facial Treatment At Thai Square Spa?

Thai Square Spa has introducedits new Thai Lotus Defense Facial Treatment and you have got to try this oneout! This facial treatment will surely become one of our best and signature treatmentsat Thai Square Spa due to the benefitsit encompasses. The Thai Lotus Facial is said to be beautiful and magical dueto its main ingredient; the lotus. The lotus is the key ingredient in thefacial that will bring brightness and vitality to your skin and that is exactlywhy you need to try it!

What exactly is the sacred lotus?

The sacred lotus has been anessential part of the culture in the East. It is a representation ofpurification and enlightenment in Eastern culture. The treatment incorporatesnumerous divine elements that will be of benefit to your skin. The ingredientsthat are used in the treatment will leave your skin hydrated and will protectit from particles of pollution floating about in the air. The treatment willdefinitely leave your skin glowing, youthful, and healthy as ever. The bestpart is that the treatment is suitable for all skin types, even the sensitiveones out there!

As a symbol of purity, thesacred lotus has played a great role throughout history in the East. Each partof the plant is of benefit to the people and so every part is used in one wayor another. It has been grown for almost 7000 years and is still cultivated today. Nowadays this beautiful and organic lotus is not only popular among thepeople of the East. It is also enjoyed and respected by thousands of people allaround the world due to its many health benefits proved by modern science.Buddhists believe that the lotus symbolises purity of body, mind and speech.This is due to the imagery of its long stalks flowering above the muddy watersin which it grows. It is also believed that the lotus is a symbol ofdetachment, as water runs off its petals quickly. The pink lotus is consideredthe supreme lotus sacred by Buddhists as it is the flower associated with theBuddha.

The Facial and its benefits

The products used in the facialtreatment are of the highest quality. Panipuri’s products are the best inLondon and offer several great advantages for your skin.

Considered the best facial In London, it will not only soothe your skin but also bring it back to life with a healthy glow. We know how damaged the skin can be following sun exposure andeveryday pollution. This facial will repair your skin, making it firmer andtighter for a healthy and youthful look.

Book our latest facial treatment at Thai Square Spa today!

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Luxurious Gentlemen’s Spa Packages at Thai Square Spa

Daily exposure to environmentalpollution and sunlight can cause harm to your skin and even darken yourcomplexion. Taking care of your skin is very important so making time for acleansing facial is a key activity. Thai Square Spa offers you the best day spain London with professional beauty and massage services. A quality facial andmassage will not only relax you from a stressful routine, but also heal yourskin damaged from any dirt, blemishes, and pollution, leaving your skinhealthier than ever. But facials and beauty treatments are not just for theladies only. Men are outside just as much as women, sometimes even more, andmale skin also experiences the same adverse effects of stress and from theenvironment.

Thai Square Spa offers the bestmassage in London for men and women, attuned accordingly to their needs. Thereis a variety of facial treatments and massages to choose from and selectpackages are specially designed to cater to the needs of gentlemen.

Recharge Treatment for Him

This is the complete treatmentfor men who want to get back that healthy glow, re-energise the body, detoxifyand relax with a professional massage. This package includes a floral foot bathto soften and rehydrate your feet, and an exotic body scrub to exfoliate theskin. Then there is a professional energising massage which heals the bodybefore concluding with the collagen recharge facial created especially for men.All these services are provided with a side of refreshments so you get thecomplete experience.

Ultimate Grooming Treatment

This grooming treatment is theultimate package for the modern man who believes that the first glance makes animpression and frames the core of his personality. Just like women, men needgood grooming and self-care. Thai Square Spa offers a floral foot bath for menfollowed by a traditional Thai massage by our professionals which relaxes yourbody and rids it of fatigue. This treatment also includes the Collagen facialto enhance facial skin health and at the end, a detoxifying foot therapy isdone while you enjoy refreshments to remove all the tension from your feet,leaving you feeling deeply cleansed and re-energized.

Recreation Treatment

This treatment is an Orientalgentlemen’s spa package using our iMantara products. You can start with thefloral foot bath followed by the Thai herbal healing treatment, which usestraditional Thai organic products. Next is the hot towel facial which treatsyour skin and deep cleanses the pores. The best part about this is the Orientalfoot and scalp massage, which relieves your stress and relaxes you. Just likeall other packages, this package also includes refreshments.

Majestic Jade Facial

This special men’s facialtreatment is based on collagen and jade stone massaging to your face and neckwhich smooths your old lines and enhances your skin to make it look young andfresh. The experience also includes an exercise of Buddhist origin whichrelaxes you from any stress that you experience due to a hectic routine.

If you are interested inenjoying our Gentlemen’s spa packages at Thai Square Spa,why not book an appointment online. There is nothing more enjoyable thanrelaxing at the best spa in London.

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Where does hot stone massage come from?

Think of the last time you were goingthrough anxiety and stress. What did your muscles feel like? What was goingthrough your mind? And how long did it take before you were able to relax? Putyourself in that same scenario, and instead of hoping for matters to calm downeventually, how about hitting up a day spa in London for a hot stone massage.Which one would you honestly prefer?  

Hot stone massage is a technique wheresmooth stones are heated and then placed on various areas of the body duringthe treatment. It is a popular spa treatment because of how enjoyable it makesa massage session. A professional hot stone massage is also a very popularaccompaniment to a Thai massage in London.


The use of hot stone massages dates backseveral years.  Its earliest use toimprove health and relaxation was recorded in India almost 5000 years ago. Atthis time, the practice was only known to Hindus in India and they referred toit as Ayurveda. In their practice, the hot stones were placed on differentparts of the body to relieve the pain. It quickly spread in this region becauseof how outstanding the results were.


Around 300 years later, the Chinese alsodiscovered that hot stones were a good remedy to relieve pain, especially inthe gastrointestinal tract. Unlike the Indians, the Chinese heat the stones andplaced them on the stomach to help in relieving indigestion and other painsrelated to digestive disorders. Before heating, the stones were formed intoparticular shapes that they referred to as Bien.


As people discovered more and better waysto relieve pain, the natives of the Sandwich Islands, presently known asHawaii, also made a great discovery in pain relief. They heated lava rocks andwrapped them in leaves which were believed to have medicinal properties, andapplied them on the affected areas of the body.


Later, the heated stone massage found itsway into the Native American sweat lodge. The Native Americans also had aunique way of putting hot stones to good use. Here, the stones were notdirectly applied to the body. The heat produced from the stones were used torelieve tense muscles and to help relieve the body from stress. The heatedstones were also believed to help in improving blood circulation to muscles andother parts of the body, helping you achieve relaxation and relieve stress.


Today different people from differentplaces around the globe use hot stones as part of massage therapy. Thetechniques also vary to suit various preferences, purposes and needs. There arealso different ways in which the stones are heated, but most people preferheating them in hot water. Some therapists also use the stones to massage whilecoated in oil. Thai Square Spa offers the best spa deals in London where experienced and professional therapists will ensure that all your needs are metwith a unique Thai hot stone massage.

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Mother’s Day Spa Package at Thai Square Spa

Thai Square Spa is the famous Thai spawhich is renowned not just for Thai massage in London, but a plethora oftreatments, including all kinds of holistic therapies; body scrubs, facials,steam rooms, saunas, hydrotherapy, dietary, meditation, and soul-cleansing. Itis the place to experience the utmost relaxation within a calm atmosphere thatheals your body, mind and soul. With all these options available, and for oneto have the ultimate Thai beauty experience, treat yourself to the best spa inLondon; Thai Square Spa. This day spa in London offers exciting packages forbeauty treatments and massages tailored to the amount of time and attention youdesire. You will find a fabulous range of exotic Thai treatments performed byattentive, experienced and expertly trained Thai therapists in ornatesurroundings.

Mother’s Indulgence

Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate withthe most important woman in your life. One who played a very big role in makingyou who you are today. Every mother deserves to be appreciated for the love andcare they give to children. So, why not treat your mother to the best day spain London for Mother’s day? If you would love to pamper and spoil her, thensearch no further because this Thai spa in London has got you covered. ThaiSquare Spa offers a golden Maharani facial, an absolutely divine treatment thatwill leave her face clean, clear, and refreshed. It no doubt paints a ray ofsunshine and keeps a mother glowing. Moreover, Thai Lotus Defence Facial is anew addition to the facial treatments at Thai Square Spa. This magical facialtherapy is designed to bring vitality to your skin while feeling refreshed andrelaxed. Every mother deserves the best and that’s why with the MothersIndulgence package, she will be treated with a fresh floral bath, Thai healingherbs, Siamese foot therapy and a bespoke ritual massage, finishing with acleansing Bali body scrub.

Mother’s day package details

Thai Square Spa offers excellent productswith the best variety of spa treatments helping you make the most of your spadays in London. Is there a better or more unique way of telling your mum youlove her than booking a half day or even a whole day’s pampering at the spa?Then, Thai Square Spa is the best place to prepare a surprise for your belovedmother. We offer a range of spa packages, ranging from Spa Sampler Packages toFull Day Spa Packages. If these are not special enough, then we have our luxuriousMotherly Love Spa Package that is specifically designed as the perfect Mother’sDay gift this year!

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Best Treatments for Travellers at Thai Square Spa

Travelling is one of the best lifeexperiences but can also be stressful for your body. The side effects of along-haul flight go from simple tiredness to more serious ones. Low-humidityair in a plane dehydrates your body, getting you thirsty and causing frequent headaches.Moreover, this lack of hydration dries out epidermis, producing potentialpremature skin ageing. Sitting for long hours idly is not good either. Highaltitude, in fact, affects blood pressure and you can have your legs swellingor experiencing tension in muscles and backache. Last but not least, jet lagoften causes anxiety and confusion. Feeling sleepy or, on the other hand,having more difficulty going to sleep is irritating and unfortunately, theseproblems can continue even some days.

Whether you’re a tourist visiting London,or you’re returning from a business trip, at Thai Square Spa, you can find thebest way to recover from travelling side effects. The best spa in London offersyou a great variety of massages and skin treatments which will make you feelrelaxed and help you go back more easily to your everyday life.

Post Flight Serenity Massage

Special techniques are used for thismassage which is perfect to fight muscle pain after a long-haul flight. Relyingon our therapists’ cares, you will finally relax and release tensionaccumulated while travelling. This massage is aimed to reduce the swelling ofthe feet and the legs and also to improve blood circulation. Specialexotic-scented oil is used to infuse your mind with positiveness and regenerateyour skin leaving it smooth and nourished. This treatment also includes ourspecial blend tea served to relax your body and give you peace. 

Jet Lag Recovery Package

This is one of the best spa deals inLondon. Enjoy these two hours-long beauty treatments that will help you feelre-energised and ready to get back to your normal routine. This package isperfect if you would like to get rid of tension, relax your body and find yourbalance again. Your feet will be first cleansed with our special Siamese SoleTea Foot Balm, which leaves them moisturised. After that, you will experience adeep body exfoliation using our iMantara Refining Body Polish to get rid ofskin dullness and dead cells. Also, exfoliation evens out skin tone and makesit look healthier and more glowy. The last part of this package is a beautifulfull body massage with Renewed Energy aromatherapy oil, perfect to stimulatecirculation and soothe tired muscles. At the end of the beauty treatment youwill taste our special tea blend to complete the experience and make you feelcompletely relaxed.

If you would like to have the best massage inLondon and try out one of our fantastic Treatments for Travellers at ThaiSquare Spa you just have to book an appointment. After a long flight, your bodyand mind will surely thank you!

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