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A Lost Turkish Bath at Thai Square Spa

Charing Cross Turkish Baths for Ladies & Gentlemen Located at 25 Northumberland Avenue

1884 Charing Cross Turkish Baths for Ladies & Gentlemen

    Henry and James Forder Nevill (Proprs)

1900 Charing Cross Turkish baths for Ladies & Gentlemen

   James Forder Nevill (Propr)

1908 Charing Cross Turkish baths for Ladies & Gentlemen

  Nevill's Turkish Baths Ltd (Proprs)

1948 Charing Cross Turkish baths for Ladies & Gentlemen

 Nevill's Turkish Baths Ltd (Proprs)

   Baths close

Exterior view of Nevill's headquarters building,Northumberland Avenue, London

Architect Robert Walker, FRIBA, fashioned the structure in the Italian Classic style. The entire front exterior is covered in Portland stone, and the rounded corner, serving as the entrance to the men's baths, is bordered by four Corinthian order granite columns. Engaged columns adorn the upper levels, culminating in a prominent clock turret with an illuminated dial, crafted by Messrs Gillett and Co of Croydon—a company that continues its operations in Croydon to this day.

Dedicated to the Turkish baths, the entirety of the basement, ground floor, and first floor is allocated for this purpose. In contrast, the upper segment of the establishment is leased independently for offices or apartments and boasts a distinct entrance at the southern end of the building.

View of the Gentlemen's cooling-room and part of the Gallery in Nevill's Turkish baths in Northumberland Avenue.The fountain was in Doultons' Lambeth faïence. A decade later, a similar one was included in the cooling-room at the New Broad Street baths.
View of the ground floor cooling-room and part of the gallery. The windows at the rear of the picture overlook the passage between the men's and women's baths.

At various points in time, the Neville family possessed a total of nine Turkish baths, all located within London. Among these, four were effectively paired establishments, constructed side by side. The larger facility catered to (Gentle)men, while its adjacent counterpart was designed for women (Ladies).

In Northumberland Avenue, the paired baths, from the perspective of bathers, were distinctly separate with individual entrances. The women's entrance was discreetly positioned around the corner in Northumberland Passage (now Craven Passage).

Externally, there was no evident indication visible from Northumberland Avenue that a Turkish bath, adorned in Moorish style, existed within the building. However, it is likely that planning regulations were more lenient in the narrow pedestrian passageway, providing access to the women's baths.

This marked the conclusion of three new buildings commissioned by the Nevilles from architect Robert Walker, FRIBA. Subsequent establishments involved the transformation of existing Turkish baths, acquired as ongoing concerns, and underwent extensive refurbishment to align with the company's distinctive house style.

The Nevilles, following in the footsteps of Bartholomew and his Turkish baths, recognized the significance of making their establishments immediately identifiable as Nevill establishments. This was reflected in their naming convention, where the family dropped the final 'e'. Each bath featured double doors adorned with red stained-glass crescents and stars set in leaded panels. Particularly noteworthy was the splendid assortment of highly patterned Craven Dunnill tiles, extensively used to enhance the aesthetic appeal of their buildings.

The ground floor cooling-room and part of the gallery at Northumberland Avenue provide a captivating view, with windows overlooking the passage between the men's and women's baths, showcasing the meticulous design and attention to detail characteristic of Neville establishments.

At Thai Square Spa, our unique location within the same building that once housed the Nevill's Turkish Bath allows us to showcase the original part of the Nevill's Turkish Baths in our Salon room on the ground level.

Salon Room at Thai Square Spa
Original Nevill's Turkish Bath Wall in Thai Square Spa


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Lesser Known Benefits of Massage

We all know Massage therapy is good for blood circulation, relieving stress and helping the body heal from injuries. But that's not all! Massage brings a plethora of benefits to help you live hale and hearty.

The therapeutic team of Thai Square Spa enlists some of good massage benefits -

1. Massage is the best way to cure unbearable migraine headaches. A research done at the University of Miami found a soft massage as the most effective treatment to relieve tension contributing to the recurrence of migraines. The study points out the need of an expert masseur who can give a deep tissue massage around the base of the skull, neck, shoulders, and upper back.

2. Massage also helps in curing sleep apnea. Many other sleep related disorders happen because of a stressed mind. Massage relaxes your mind and helps to release Serotonin which is a neurotransmitter that regulates mood, hunger and sleep. Serotonin promotes a sense of well-being and contentment. That's why most of us tend to fall asleep during a massage session!

3. Massage is the best way to relax your sitting bone muscles. People, who do a lot of sitting the whole day, are prone to experience postural stress. This sitting stress can result in a chronic pain in the shoulders and neck or weakness in the low back and gluteal; the best way to combat it is to take weekly massage sessions.

4. Massage helps in reducing muscle cramps caused by intense exercise. No wonder, sports persons and fitness freaks often take massage therapies. Even the research has proved that massage help provides relief from inflammation and sore muscles.

5. Massage gives you a youthful skin. The rubbing and kneading motions of massage stimulate blood flow which results in plumping the slack or sagging skin. Hence, the vitality of your skin is maintained best through massage therapy.

6. And if you are one such woman who experiences mood swings, bloating, headaches, weight gain, and other premenstrual symptoms, massage is the best way to find relief.

Along with physical benefits, Thai Massage is a wonderful way to feel great emotionally as well as mentally. All such benefits, however, depend on the quality of massage taken.

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For Happy Feet – Try These Home Remedies

Are you aware that your tiny feet bear up to 2200 thousand Kg of accumulated pressure daily? Yes; so now you know why you feel so much foot pain at the end of the day. Of course, a pedicure over the weekend is the best way to relax your sore feet but then how to keep your feet happy every day?

Presented here are some exclusive home remedies to cure foot pain and have soft relaxed feet; courtesy the expert Pedicure team of Thai Square Spa -

1. Water Therapy

The easiest way to relax your feet is to have two buckets, one filled with cold water and one with hot water. You can add some essential oil to the hot one. The idea is to dip your feet, first in the cold water bucket and then switch to the hot water bucket after 5 minutes. This is the easiest way to relax your feet and ensure blood circulation.

2. Essential oil Dip

This one is for smooth and soft feet. Fill a hot water bucket and add 2 drops peppermint oil, along with four drops each of eucalyptus and coconut oil. Now enjoy the soak for ten minutes and rub your feet gently afterwards. In fact, dipping your feet in hot water with only clove oil is also an effective way to relax.

3. Vinegar therapy

Vinegar is a very good anti-inflame and helps to cure the pain caused by sprains or strains. All you need to do is add 2 tablespoons of vinegar to a tub of hot water. This time, soak your feet at least for 15 minutes.

4. Icy cool relaxation

If you are suffering the pain caused by swelling on your feet, try ice therapy. Use crushed ice to give a simple massage on the affected area. Remember not to use the ice directly over the skin. It is always better to use the ice wrapped in a thin cotton cloth.

5. Mustard Seeds

Mustard seeds are known for improving blood circulation and also give relief from swelling and foot pain. You need to grind some mustard seeds and add them to a bucket of hot water. Let your feet soak in the warm water for 10 to 15 minutes. Alternatively, you can also use Asparagus in the same manner.

Try these home remedies at least twice a week; this is the least you can do for your hard-working feet!

Those who are lazy to do so, book a Thai Pedicure to pamper your feet the Thai way!

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How to Give a Massage at Home

Feeling tired but not in a mood to go anywhere for massage? Don't worry; now you can relax at home and ask your partner to give you a nice rubdown! One, a simple massage is not at all impossible and anyone with a little knowledge about body and muscles can give it. Two, such massage would not be as great as the one given by professional masseurs.

And now, when you know both the aspects, you can prepare the ambiance at your home which gives you a feel of real massage. As such, there are special kinds of massage table but since you are doing it at home, even the single bed would do. You can use the floor by covering it with some nice bedding or even sofa can be used. You can light up some nice aroma candles to bring the look and feel. The massage oil can be chosen as per your requirement. If you want to relax, choose jasmine, lavender or aroma oils. But if the purpose is to give your sore muscles a little relaxation, you can mix almond oil with jojoba oil in 3:1 ratio respectively.

As your partner begins kneading through your legs, the main thing is that both of you should be keen to infuse positive energy in each other.Massage is not done by pressing the skin or muscles; the most beneficial massage movement in kneading and gentle rubbing in upward or downward motion.Ideally, the massage should begin from legs and move upwards. Your partner should pay more attention and care while doing the back massage. The back should be massaged with long, light strokes. Gently massaging the shoulders and neck area relaxes a person most. Even the stomach can be massaged lightly which will help to tighten the slack skin. The last and most important is the head massage which needs to be done by kneading your finger-tips in the person's hair. A 30-minute massage session at home would relax your partner and kindle your romance as well.

(Also Read: Thai herbal healer for a happy and healthy you)

A massage at home is a quick-fix for body pain but for a specialised kind of massage like sports massage, reflexology, Thai massage, and other relaxing body treatments, it is important that you get it done in a premium Spa to experience the beauty of it.

Check out the lucrative packages for Thai Square Spa and enjoy a relaxed weekend getting the best massage in London.

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10 Things to Avoid After a Facial

So you have taken a wonderful facial treatment at your favourite Spa and Beauty Salon; and are worried now what to do next to keep the skin as lavish and pampered as you are feeling now!

The Face and Beauty expert team of Thai Square Spa enlists 10 things you should avoid after taking a facial. Make a note and continue to radiate -

1. Do not scrub your face with any exfoliating pack or scrubber at least for next 5 days. This would irritate your skin as it has already gone an intense scrubbing routine during the facial.

2. Do not use harsh or sub-standard soaps and face wash. Thai Square Spa always recommends using a gentle and foam cleansing type face wash for your skin, before or after the facial.

3. Do not steam your facial skin at all post-facial. Your skin pores are already open because of facial treatment and overdoing steaming can result in broken capillaries or skin sensitivity.

4. Do not apply any chemically enriched creams or sunscreen immediately after the facial. Rather you should not apply any cream through-out the day post-facial treatment.

5. Do not apply rich makeup immediately after the facial. So if you are planning to attend some party, make sure that your facial is done at least 3 days prior to the party.

6. Do not go out in the sun immediately after the facial. Take a break that day and relax at home after the facial.

7. Do not forget to hydrate yourself. Drink a lot of water or coconut water post facial.

8. Do not go for any Laser treatment, Waxing or Threading after the facial. If such basic beauty treatments are due, make sure that you get them done before the facial.

9. Do not play with your skin! This is a big No-No. You must not touch or play with any zits or pimple if they have survived the facial.

10. Do not forget to follow the home-care tips and advises given by your Thai Square Spa Estheticians. They often give you some tips to take care of your facial skin in days to come. You can maintain the facial glow if you follow these hone-care tips.

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Should you go for Pregnancy Spa and Massage?

Yes you should! If you are in your pregnancy period, you very well know how much extra care you and your body requires. Prenatal Massage or Pregnancy Massage therapy is the best and harmless way to ensure your well-being in this period. Before we tell you its benefits, it is important to know that Pregnancy Massage should be taken only from the best and most committed Spa or health center. Owing to your complex body condition, you should get the most trained and expert masseur at your disposal. Like Thai Square Spa has specialized masseurs for massaging and giving Spa treatment to pregnant ladies. This massage routine varies as per your pregnancy month and your body problems.

Talking about the benefits, Pregnancy massage is the most relaxed way to maintaining good health in pregnancy. This is how Prenatal Massage helps :

1. Prenatal Massage helps to reduce stress, combat anxiety and induces overall wellness.

2. Pregnancy is the time when most of the women experience physical discomforts like backaches, stiff neck, leg cramps, headaches and even swelling. Taking one massage session every fortnight would help you get rid of these aches and swellings.

3.Pregnancy massage like all other massages encourages blood and lymph circulation which leads to brining a healthy glow on your face and reduces blood pressure as well.

4. Special Reflexology treatments help to increase your daily activity level. This would make you get rid of lethargic feeling and you will feel refreshed after the massage.

5. Your body often experiences muscle tension during pregnancy. This happens because of the extra weight of the baby carried within you. A massage would increase blood flow to the afflicted area and ease of the muscular tension.

6. Most women, owing to increase in their body weight, feel tired. Maximum women complain of feet-ache in these months. Taking Pregnancy massage or special pedicure treatment would give relief to your sore feet and you will get rid of leg cramps as well.

7. Improved sleeping pattern is one main benefit of Pregnancy massage. Moreover, such massage helps to release endorphins and dopamine which would enthuse a feeling of complete relaxation in you.

These benefits must be making you crave for a massage. But if you are still worried about how you will lie down with your belly swollen; do not worry at all! We have got soft cushions and special tables for pregnancy massage. You will have to experience one session to realise how good pregnancy massage feels!

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Thai Herbal Healer for a Healthy You!

Think Herbal; think Thailand! The land of exotica has given the world a wonderful science of using aromatic herbs and spices for massage. Thai Herbal Massage therapy dates back several centuries yet its legacy of goodness continues to soothe muscle tension and stiffness. For those who haven't heard much about it or are yet to try it, we give you a quick glance of what happens during Thai Herbal Spa and how beneficial it is!

A typical Herbal massage sessions begins with the application of a warm Thai herbal compressing made from many therapeutic Thai herbs and spices. These herbs may include famous ones like ginger, turmeric, lemongrass, camphor, cumin etc. We all keep hearing about the goodness of these herbs in our food. Just imagine their combined impact on our body when used as a poultice or paste!

Many lesser-known herbs are also used in Herbal Spa including plai, kaffir lime, piper chaba, plumbago indica and many more names that carry with them the aura of Thai beauty and wellness culture. The hot compress of this poultice is done only after the aromatic oil is applied to the body area.

Five Big Benefits of Thai Herbal Spa -

Get a Balanced Body

The main benefit of Thai herbal massage is that it helps to establish the balance of the four elements namely air, water, fire and earth within your body. A balanced body is healthy resulting in more efficiency in work and more enjoyment in life.

Skin Nourishment

Thai Herbal Massage is a wonderful treatment to cure body inflammation and nourish the skin.

Relieve Muscle Soreness

Herbal Massage is the best way to relax and soothe your stiff and sore muscles.

Restore, Renew and Rejuvenate Yourself

Thai Herbal Massage is a good way to rejuvenate yourself as the massage involves pressing your energy points of your body.

Increases Flow of Blood and Repair Damaged Skin

The healing properties of herbs does wonders to your blood circulation level and results in restoring your damaged skin tissues.

London can get a feel of exclusive and very traditional Thai Herbal Massage at Thai Square Spa where the treatment is given for 90 minutes by the name Thai Herbal Healer. One session would not only render you glowing with relaxation, it will also boost your immunity against many diseases and health hazards.

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Have You Tried Thai Body Massage?

For relaxation or rejuvenation; for pleasure or as a privilege, on recommendation from an aesthetician or a friend; have you ever given your body the gift of Thai Body Massage?

If yes, you must be already aware of the fact that nothing else energizes your body and relieves the muscular stress and tension like Thai Full Body Massage. All those people who are yet to experience it once, here are a few reasons that would make you realize what an amazing thing is missing from your life –

1. Deeper Level of Relaxation

Thai Full Body massage means full body; you will notice the therapist pressing even the knuckles, feet, hands, thumbs and fingers and many specific points which hold the energy centers of your body. Such a massage relaxes a person on a deeper level helping him or her get rid of all tensions and anxieties.

2. Better Sleeping Pattern

Thai Body Massage has been recommended as a natural treatment to cure sleep related abnormalities like sleep-walking, fearful sleep and even sleep apnea. Owing to the deep relaxation experienced during Thai Full Body Massage, the sleep pattern improves.

3. Inner and Outer Healing

Thai Full Body Massage shows miraculous results in context of physical and emotional healing. This type of massage not only helps interior tissues to heal but also incorporates meditation. No wonder, one end up finding the balance between mind and heart with regular Thai Body massage Sessions.

4. Improves Blood Circulation

As such, all types of massage helps to improve Blood Circulation but Thai Body Massage is more beneficial as it involves stretching exercises, twisting movements and few yoga postures also. While making you do these stretching and yoga postures, the therapist tries to target specific body areas. And when you release the stretch, the fresh blood circulation rushes back into the area.

5. Glowing & Youthful Skin

Thai Body Massage brings back the glow on to your face and keeps you young and vibrant for long. Basically, youthfulness is related with a light heart and spirit. The more you indulge in Thai Body Massage, lesser will be your stress level. Reduction in stress and anxiety will start reflecting in your face and the result will be what you always wanted – a glowing skin!

Experience all this and more by availing Royal Thai Massage packages in London’s favorite Thai Square Spa.

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Shine on your Wedding Day with Bridal Spa

For all those girls who are getting ready to be a bright and beautiful bride, taking customised Spa Package 6-weeks prior to your Wedding Day is what most aestheticians recommend. Rather, one should start taking facial and spa treatment sittings 2-3 months in advance of your D-day, says the Senior Aesthetician at Thai Square Spa.

The trend of Spa Packages for brides has been in rage for last ten years. But every year, new treatments and services keep on adding in these packages. A standard Bridal Spa Package should include full body spas, massages and customised facials designed as per the bride's skin type and skin problems. These facial sittings will give you face a healthy, vibrant and pink glow on your special day.

It is better to plan your Bridal Spa Package in such a manner that exfoliation, cleansing and tightening facial routines are also included in it. Regular sessions for the same will make your your skin smooth, supple and fresh. There are even more wonderful ways to make your skin and body shine with radiance; Seven Pollen facial of Thai Square Spa is one such facial that will not only make you feel royal but give your face a regal glow.

While choosing your Bridal Package, it is important to ensure that your whole body from head to toe gets a royal pampering. Your feet should get some good sessions of Pedicures, your nails should be manicured every week and your hair should look and feel wonderful. That's why most brides prefer the Bridal Preparation Ceremony package of Thai Square Spa that gives you 6 hours of beauty treatments including the delightful Milk Soak and Botanical Wrap as well.

Some brides also prefer taking such packages in small doses every fortnight 3 months prior to their wedding. For them, Thai Square Spa offers Eastern Bridal promise or Bridal Essential Package spanning 150-minutes of beauty treatments including Floral Foot Bath, Oriental Sole Foot Therapy, Ritual Massage and Signatory Treatment.

There are basically three benefits of taking such exclusive bridal spa packages -

1. These indulgent treatments result in a long-lasting improvement in your skin as well as face.

2. Spas and Massageshelp in reducing stress and anxiety; you end up noticing that your under-eye dark circles are gone and even your hair start to reflect more volume!

3. Wedding happens once in life and is a very special occasion. A Bridal Spa Package makes you feel royal, pampered and so very special.

Book yourself a lavish Bridal Spa package and get ready to dazzle everyone on your special day!

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Are You Aware About The Benefits of Thai Massage?

The whole world is relaxing in the glory of Thai Massage; shouldn’t you also indulge in its benefits! The joy and relaxation experienced when Thai masseuses use both soft to hard pressure is unparalleled.

It is something words can never do justice to but still if you need a few more reasons to book a Thai Massage package, here they are –

1. Thai Massage - It is the best way to Balance your qi (energy), which in turn promotes physical and emotional healing. Thai massage, owing to its dynamic nature, results in fresh circulation to specific areas of your body. So one can check the problem of lymphatic drainage with these massages.

2. You can experience a Zen-like state through Thai massage even when the masseur makes you move around and stretch in different Yoga postures. These stretching and movements helps to loosen your stiff muscles.

3. It is only through Thai massage that you can derive the benefits of Trigger Point Treatments and Neuro Muscular therapy – both of which rejuvenate your body. For centuries, Thailand has been known as the land of acupressure and reflexology in Asia and you can avail long-term benefits through one single massage session only.

4. Thai massage is very effective in relaxing your body as it encompasses the whole body. The masseur generally starts from the feet and moves his or her way up to the head using gentle and flowing exercise movements.

6. Thai massage is good for the texture of skin as well as for its therapeutic value in treating illnesses. The massage promotes a feeling of well-being and results in releasing a lot of stress and anxiety from your body.

7. Thai massage brings the best of both worlds – it energizes you through its Yoga movements and stretching; along with that it also calms you as if you are in a state of meditation.

8. This massage helps to detoxify your body and act as a boost to your immunity system. People suffering from high blood pressure should take one sitting of Thai massage; they will definitely notice the change in their health and wellness.

9. For women, Thai massage is very beneficial as it improves their posture and lends their body a lot of grace and charm.

The foremost benefit of Thai massage lies in the fact that it slows down the aging process. So all those people wishing to stay young forever, Thai Square Spa is the place to visit frequently.

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How effective a Facial is?

From poets to writers and even intellectuals, all of them have been spellbound by the beauty of face. No wonder, women (and even men) are so conscious about their face skin. With age and harsh weather conditions all around, the face tends to become dull and its skin loses its vitality. We often notice women looking for ways to improve their skin texture, tone and glow. The Face Beauty expert team of Thai Square Spa recommends getting facial treatments done on regular basis. And for all good reasons -

Youthful and tight skin - That's how the beauty of skin gets defined! And facial treatment is the best way to enhance or restore the youthfulness and tightening of the skin. Facial treatments by virtue of massage promote blood circulation and relaxes face muscles which in turn gives your face a youthful look.

Deep Pore Cleansing - Even though, we wash our face so many times a day; yet this everyday routine fails to accomplish the deep pore cleaning. It is with the help of skilled estheticians and Thai procedures that one can experience deeper cleansing of the face skin without disrupting the essential balance between pH and oils & lipids.

Reduced wrinkles - The popular Thai belief that ageing should not reflect on a woman's face led to the discovery of specialised Thai facial treatments whereby the head meridians and acupuncture points are massaged resulting in a lifted skin to reduce wrinkles. Thai facials are also known for stimulating the production of collagen and revitalising the face.

Glow is good - If you wish to have a pink and glowing face skin, try a facial treatment that suits your skin type. For example, if you use Gold or Royal facials at Thai Square Spa, your skin will get ample moisture and gold will help to rebuild collagen for firmer skin, while leaving you with a subtle shimmer.

Wonderful options as per your skin type - Face pampering comes in many forms - you can choose from a wide range of Thai facial treatments or customised facial packages. The beauty experts of London have been smitten with the Seven Pollen Facial Care which uses the pollen of seven Thai flowers, the effective combination of all these succeeds to cleanse, balance, repair moisturise and bring a healthy glow for your skin. Thai Square Spa also offers facial treatments to men among which the Hot Towel facial massage is very popular.

Whatever type of facial you choose, it is very important to be regular and enjoy these sessions with a relaxed Me-time' feeling.

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Couple Spa – A perfect package of Bonding & Relaxing

Think relaxation, think spa! Nothing else is more pleasurable and healthy for your body than a good massage. How about adding some intimacy and bonding feeling to it? Yes, Couple spa is the latest trend and salons all over London are offering wonderful couple spa packages.

Before you start to google and book a Couple Spa package, it is very important to understand how and why such a package will be a special experience for you and your better half.

1. Convert ‘Me-time’ into ‘We-time’– Relationships require connectivity and regular interactions. In today’s world, we all are leading a busy lifestyle where work and career pressures squeeze our togetherness time. Having a massage together is the best way to experience both physical and emotional connect with your partner. So while your mind and body enjoys the relaxation of a massage, your heart feels bonded with your partner.

2. Rub off all the worries and regrets – Taking a couple spa package is a good idea to let go all the bickering and troubling things in your relationship. Lying in a spa room beside each other has made many people see the beauty of their relationship and how perfectly they match each other. As the masseurs begin working on your bodies, the annoying past and the complaints melt away. Often, the couples walk out of the spa being in love with their partner again.

3. Affection and Intimacy – Massage as such releases many feel-good hormones, the most notable one being oxytocin or the cuddle-chemical. So having a couple spa ensures to increase the affection in between you. Again, watching each other’s body getting massaged is an erotic experience. All this will blossom the love angle in your relationship.

4. Unforgettable experience – Getting a massage is no big deal but taking a couple spa is Oh-la-la! Imagine the sophisticated and warm ambiance of some perfect Thai spa while you and your spouse are lying beside. Some expert masseur will be massaging your body with aromatic essential oils. Both of you will be dozing off to a fantasy land, together. Thai togetherness holds the punch and that’s what makes Couple spa truly unforgettable. Each couple should get it done whenever they feel the spark missing in their relationship.

5. A perfect gift on Anniversaries and birthdays – Want to show some love to your partner on a special day? Book a Couple spa package to gift. Nothing else will work such magic and happiness like Couple spa does!

With Valentine day just around the corner, book yourself the finest Couple Spa package at Thai Square Spa and make your better half feel fully loved and pampered.

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Pamper your feet the Thai way!

The very image of relaxing your feet by soaking them in warm water and then getting massaged brings a big smile to your face. And for all the good reasons! Because nothing else relaxes the tired muscles of your legs and feet better than a Foot Spa. So have you tried a Thai Foot spa? If not, let us enlighten you about its unique aspects–

Inspired by the traditional Thai massage - Thai Foot spa is much more than just a pedicure because it focuses on intrinsic aspects more than just filing your nails! Like, a Thai foot spa exfoliates the dead skin of your feet in a more effective manner. It is a thoroughly relaxing and pampering Thai foot massage experience ending with a ‘Feel-Great’ feeling right from your toe to the top of your head.

Opt for your choice of Aromatic Oils – Foot massage can be done with different kinds of essential oils which not only soften your skin but also nourish the skin cells within. Like Eucalyptus oil is great for people suffering from arthritis and other foot aches, swelling or pains. Lavender oil, on the other hand, is good for relaxation and soothing. Coconut oil and Olive oil are equally amazing for your skin while the lesser known things like chamomile flowers and peppermint would make up for a blissful soak for your feet.

Thai Reflexology – Thai Foot spa involves applying pressure onto particular areas of the soles of the feet. This pressure stimulates reflex action in some other part of the body leading to multiple benefits for the entire body system. Thai foot reflexology is done with hands, fingers and a wood stick with cream and oil. The belief of Chinese medicine therapy is so evident in Thai reflexology that the soles of our feet have maximum number of sensory nerves of the internal organs. Expert masseur applies just the right pressure on these nerves resulting in boosting blood circulation, preventing and curing injuries and muscle soreness and releasing stiffness from your lower part of the body.

Some Thai Spas are also offering Hot Stone massage for the feet. Such stones are coated with essential oils and herbal cooling balm. This also ends up in an unforgettable massage for your feet.

Whatever type of foot spa you choose, we at Thai Square Spa are committed to give you the most unique and beneficial foot massage session, the pleasure and benefits of which will delight your senses for long.

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Big Benefits of Thai Therapy Massage

Experiencing back pain, sore muscles, headache, migraine or stress? Before visiting the doctor, try a few therapeutic sessions of Thai Massage. Traditional Thai Massage embracing the benefits of Yoga along with acupressure techniques is no less than therapy owing to the transformation impacted by a perfect blend of touch, rhythm and strokes.

It has been believed that the traditional Thai Yoga Massage is as old as Gautama Buddha era. Oriental culture believes that this therapeutic massage has been founded by Jivaka Kumara Bhaccha, the main physician to Mahatma Buddha.Even today, the techniques and benefits of this massage continue to impress and impact millions of people worldwide.

Thai Square Spa enlists a few more interesting aspects of Thai Therapy massage –

• Best way to energize yourself – Thai massage involves a lot of stretching and muscular movements. The masseur will ask you to try a few Yoga stretches that would help not only in blood circulation but also in flow of energy within. It would not make you feel lethargic like Swedish or other types of massage; Thai Therapy massage is rather an energy-stimulating process.

• Unique pressing techniques of Thai Therapy massage – The expert masseurs of Thai Square Spa are skilled enough to understand the muscular-skeletal system. This understanding enables them to press the joints and energy points in a rhythmic manner, thus relieving you of all kinds of muscular strain. Regular sessions of Thai Therapy massage would bring back the muscles to their normal resting length and hence restoring the joint mobility.

• Slow and smooth – Thai Therapy massage is never done in a hurry or with swiftness. The slow and smooth rhythm is followed through-out the massage in such a way that it looks like an orchestrated melody.

• Long-term benefits –Thai Therapy massage works on the principle of touch and energy; it is meant to bring an equilibrium of body, mind and soul though relaxation and wellness. The body continues to experience a feeling of vitality while the mind revels with the ‘Feel Good’ factor for many days after the session.

• Very helpful in combatting certain diseases – People who are suffering from asthma, migraines, sprains, muscle soreness, bruises, anxiety, emotive tension and sleep apnea derive tremendous benefits with regular sessions of Thai Therapy massage.

Words would never be able to explain you the plethora of wonders of Thai therapy massage. How about experiencing it once and reaping some great health and healing benefits!

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Top 5 Reasons to Consider Getting a Thai Massage

Feeling out of sync in everyday life; that's how your body reflects its need for a Massage. As such, all massages and spa treatments energize you and continue to benefit you beyond the 45 minute or one hour of therapy sessions. The benefits and relaxation value of Thai massage is slightly higher than the rest. In fact, it could be just the right thing that you need to celebrate the festivities with full-on energy and enthusiasm.

Here are top five reasons to consider Thai massage as the best Christmas gift for yourself-

1. Relaxation and Rejuvenation - Nothing can relax your body and mind better than Thai massage. Since it encompasses all scientific and customized movements and procedures, it is of great help to people who are recovering from any serious illness or suffer from any kind of joint pain or muscular injury.

2. Harmonizing body, mind and soul - An authentic Thai massage is meant to calm your mind and nervous system. This helps to channelize your energy within and has been regarded as an effective measure to cure anxiety, depression or sensitivity. Regular sessions of Thai massage has helped people come out of chronic depression and lead a healthy and happy life afterwards.

3. Breathing liveliness - This is the main aspect where a traditional Thai massage differs from Swedish or other kind of massages. The masseur while doing Thai massage helps you to regulate your breathing, thus teaching you a very valuable art. Controlling and regulating breathing can help you calm yourself and control your emotions in any crisis situation.

4. Relief from headache or stress - the contemporary lifestyle creates stress and headaches as a by-product of its pace and technology. Suffer no more; book yourself a Thai massage. Thanks to the kind of oils used during Thai massage and in Thai spas, such sessions create a long-lasting relaxing impact on your nervous system to ensure that you live everyday sans headaches or stress.

5. Increased Flexibility - Traditional Thai massage involves certain yoga movements and stretching postures as well. Such simple movements work on increasing the flexibility of your body making it susceptible to lose weight and tone up.

Enough rationality for the time being, some things are better understood when experienced. Take a Thai massage session at London's favourite Thai Square Spa and you might not need reasons to book such sessions ever!

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Pleasure, Pampering or Relaxation – It’s Full-on!

Can 40 minutes of Me-time change your stiff and stressed life 360 degrees? Of course, if it is 30 minutes of a

Not just the name, every single inch of Thai Square Spa stands as an epitome of the great legacy of Thai Massage. The fragrances of flowers grown exclusively in Thailand greet you at the entrance. Going forward to the footbath of rose petals for your tired feet, this is where your Me-time begins!

A Full Body Massage at Thai Square Spa is no child's play. It is done only by experts who understand deeply the impact of rubbing various muscles, tendons, skin and ligaments. To say that a massage effects only where the masseur's hands touch is an illusion; you feel your mind slipping into an abyss of calmness, your heart beating in sync the rhythm of liveliness and your soul blissfully aware of the heavenly moments. While you enjoy the therapeutic oils/lotions being used to drain stress out of your arms, legs, shoulders and back, it is an incredible feeling within In fact, the Full Body Massage is meant more to rejuvenate your heart, mind and soul!

Various beauty and health experts who swear by its physical and psychological benefits have recommended full Body Massage. It not only reduces anxiety and stress but also plays a key role in overcoming depression. Often people report a week-full of energy and vitality after Full Body massage sessions; and if you happen to get it done from Thai Square Spa, expect the effect to last longer much longer!

Full Body massage is specially recommended for people suffering from pain and muscle stiffness. Studies have proved its medical benefits as this type of massage releases endorphins, a chemical in the brain that is meant to relieve pain. Along with the added benefits of body-toning and sculpting a Full Body Massage can be a temptation for many of us wishing to have an hour-glass figure. In fact, such massage has been cited as one reason for the glowing skin of the majority of oriental women. For health, beauty, wellness, relaxation, pampering or immunity boosting - Full Body Massage is the way to go!

We all know a Full Body Massage does wonders by removing dead cells and improving blood circulation; but to actually experience how it uplifts your spirits and moves you in the happy zone, you will have to book an appointment at Thai Square Spa.

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