Thai Herbal Healer for a Healthy You!

Think Herbal; think Thailand! The land of exotica has given the world a wonderful science of using aromatic herbs and spices for massage. Thai Herbal Massage therapy dates back several centuries yet its legacy of goodness continues to soothe muscle tension and stiffness. For those who haven't heard much about it or are yet to try it, we give you a quick glance of what happens during Thai Herbal Spa and how beneficial it is!

A typical Herbal massage sessions begins with the application of a warm Thai herbal compressing made from many therapeutic Thai herbs and spices. These herbs may include famous ones like ginger, turmeric, lemongrass, camphor, cumin etc. We all keep hearing about the goodness of these herbs in our food. Just imagine their combined impact on our body when used as a poultice or paste!

Many lesser-known herbs are also used in Herbal Spa including plai, kaffir lime, piper chaba, plumbago indica and many more names that carry with them the aura of Thai beauty and wellness culture. The hot compress of this poultice is done only after the aromatic oil is applied to the body area.

Five Big Benefits of Thai Herbal Spa -

Get a Balanced Body

The main benefit of Thai herbal massage is that it helps to establish the balance of the four elements namely air, water, fire and earth within your body. A balanced body is healthy resulting in more efficiency in work and more enjoyment in life.

Skin Nourishment

Thai Herbal Massage is a wonderful treatment to cure body inflammation and nourish the skin.

Relieve Muscle Soreness

Herbal Massage is the best way to relax and soothe your stiff and sore muscles.

Restore, Renew and Rejuvenate Yourself

Thai Herbal Massage is a good way to rejuvenate yourself as the massage involves pressing your energy points of your body.

Increases Flow of Blood and Repair Damaged Skin

The healing properties of herbs does wonders to your blood circulation level and results in restoring your damaged skin tissues.

London can get a feel of exclusive and very traditional Thai Herbal Massage at Thai Square Spa where the treatment is given for 90 minutes by the name Thai Herbal Healer. One session would not only render you glowing with relaxation, it will also boost your immunity against many diseases and health hazards.