Big Benefits of Thai Therapy Massage

Experiencing back pain, sore muscles, headache, migraine or stress? Before visiting the doctor, try a few therapeutic sessions of Thai Massage. Traditional Thai Massage embracing the benefits of Yoga along with acupressure techniques is no less than therapy owing to the transformation impacted by a perfect blend of touch, rhythm and strokes.

It has been believed that the traditional Thai Yoga Massage is as old as Gautama Buddha era. Oriental culture believes that this therapeutic massage has been founded by Jivaka Kumara Bhaccha, the main physician to Mahatma Buddha.Even today, the techniques and benefits of this massage continue to impress and impact millions of people worldwide.

Thai Square Spa enlists a few more interesting aspects of Thai Therapy massage –

• Best way to energize yourself – Thai massage involves a lot of stretching and muscular movements. The masseur will ask you to try a few Yoga stretches that would help not only in blood circulation but also in flow of energy within. It would not make you feel lethargic like Swedish or other types of massage; Thai Therapy massage is rather an energy-stimulating process.

• Unique pressing techniques of Thai Therapy massage – The expert masseurs of Thai Square Spa are skilled enough to understand the muscular-skeletal system. This understanding enables them to press the joints and energy points in a rhythmic manner, thus relieving you of all kinds of muscular strain. Regular sessions of Thai Therapy massage would bring back the muscles to their normal resting length and hence restoring the joint mobility.

• Slow and smooth – Thai Therapy massage is never done in a hurry or with swiftness. The slow and smooth rhythm is followed through-out the massage in such a way that it looks like an orchestrated melody.

• Long-term benefits –Thai Therapy massage works on the principle of touch and energy; it is meant to bring an equilibrium of body, mind and soul though relaxation and wellness. The body continues to experience a feeling of vitality while the mind revels with the ‘Feel Good’ factor for many days after the session.

• Very helpful in combatting certain diseases – People who are suffering from asthma, migraines, sprains, muscle soreness, bruises, anxiety, emotive tension and sleep apnea derive tremendous benefits with regular sessions of Thai Therapy massage.

Words would never be able to explain you the plethora of wonders of Thai therapy massage. How about experiencing it once and reaping some great health and healing benefits!