Should you go for Pregnancy Spa and Massage?

Yes you should! If you are in your pregnancy period, you very well know how much extra care you and your body requires. Prenatal Massage or Pregnancy Massage therapy is the best and harmless way to ensure your well-being in this period. Before we tell you its benefits, it is important to know that Pregnancy Massage should be taken only from the best and most committed Spa or health center. Owing to your complex body condition, you should get the most trained and expert masseur at your disposal. Like Thai Square Spa has specialized masseurs for massaging and giving Spa treatment to pregnant ladies. This massage routine varies as per your pregnancy month and your body problems.

Talking about the benefits, Pregnancy massage is the most relaxed way to maintaining good health in pregnancy. This is how Prenatal Massage helps :

1. Prenatal Massage helps to reduce stress, combat anxiety and induces overall wellness.

2. Pregnancy is the time when most of the women experience physical discomforts like backaches, stiff neck, leg cramps, headaches and even swelling. Taking one massage session every fortnight would help you get rid of these aches and swellings.

3.Pregnancy massage like all other massages encourages blood and lymph circulation which leads to brining a healthy glow on your face and reduces blood pressure as well.

4. Special Reflexology treatments help to increase your daily activity level. This would make you get rid of lethargic feeling and you will feel refreshed after the massage.

5. Your body often experiences muscle tension during pregnancy. This happens because of the extra weight of the baby carried within you. A massage would increase blood flow to the afflicted area and ease of the muscular tension.

6. Most women, owing to increase in their body weight, feel tired. Maximum women complain of feet-ache in these months. Taking Pregnancy massage or special pedicure treatment would give relief to your sore feet and you will get rid of leg cramps as well.

7. Improved sleeping pattern is one main benefit of Pregnancy massage. Moreover, such massage helps to release endorphins and dopamine which would enthuse a feeling of complete relaxation in you.

These benefits must be making you crave for a massage. But if you are still worried about how you will lie down with your belly swollen; do not worry at all! We have got soft cushions and special tables for pregnancy massage. You will have to experience one session to realise how good pregnancy massage feels!