How to Give a Massage at Home

Feeling tired but not in a mood to go anywhere for massage? Don't worry; now you can relax at home and ask your partner to give you a nice rubdown! One, a simple massage is not at all impossible and anyone with a little knowledge about body and muscles can give it. Two, such massage would not be as great as the one given by professional masseurs.

And now, when you know both the aspects, you can prepare the ambiance at your home which gives you a feel of real massage. As such, there are special kinds of massage table but since you are doing it at home, even the single bed would do. You can use the floor by covering it with some nice bedding or even sofa can be used. You can light up some nice aroma candles to bring the look and feel. The massage oil can be chosen as per your requirement. If you want to relax, choose jasmine, lavender or aroma oils. But if the purpose is to give your sore muscles a little relaxation, you can mix almond oil with jojoba oil in 3:1 ratio respectively.

As your partner begins kneading through your legs, the main thing is that both of you should be keen to infuse positive energy in each other.Massage is not done by pressing the skin or muscles; the most beneficial massage movement in kneading and gentle rubbing in upward or downward motion.Ideally, the massage should begin from legs and move upwards. Your partner should pay more attention and care while doing the back massage. The back should be massaged with long, light strokes. Gently massaging the shoulders and neck area relaxes a person most. Even the stomach can be massaged lightly which will help to tighten the slack skin. The last and most important is the head massage which needs to be done by kneading your finger-tips in the person's hair. A 30-minute massage session at home would relax your partner and kindle your romance as well.

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A massage at home is a quick-fix for body pain but for a specialised kind of massage like sports massage, reflexology, Thai massage, and other relaxing body treatments, it is important that you get it done in a premium Spa to experience the beauty of it.

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