Couple Spa – A perfect package of Bonding & Relaxing

Think relaxation, think spa! Nothing else is more pleasurable and healthy for your body than a good massage. How about adding some intimacy and bonding feeling to it? Yes, Couple spa is the latest trend and salons all over London are offering wonderful couple spa packages.

Before you start to google and book a Couple Spa package, it is very important to understand how and why such a package will be a special experience for you and your better half.

1. Convert ‘Me-time’ into ‘We-time’– Relationships require connectivity and regular interactions. In today’s world, we all are leading a busy lifestyle where work and career pressures squeeze our togetherness time. Having a massage together is the best way to experience both physical and emotional connect with your partner. So while your mind and body enjoys the relaxation of a massage, your heart feels bonded with your partner.

2. Rub off all the worries and regrets – Taking a couple spa package is a good idea to let go all the bickering and troubling things in your relationship. Lying in a spa room beside each other has made many people see the beauty of their relationship and how perfectly they match each other. As the masseurs begin working on your bodies, the annoying past and the complaints melt away. Often, the couples walk out of the spa being in love with their partner again.

3. Affection and Intimacy – Massage as such releases many feel-good hormones, the most notable one being oxytocin or the cuddle-chemical. So having a couple spa ensures to increase the affection in between you. Again, watching each other’s body getting massaged is an erotic experience. All this will blossom the love angle in your relationship.

4. Unforgettable experience – Getting a massage is no big deal but taking a couple spa is Oh-la-la! Imagine the sophisticated and warm ambiance of some perfect Thai spa while you and your spouse are lying beside. Some expert masseur will be massaging your body with aromatic essential oils. Both of you will be dozing off to a fantasy land, together. Thai togetherness holds the punch and that’s what makes Couple spa truly unforgettable. Each couple should get it done whenever they feel the spark missing in their relationship.

5. A perfect gift on Anniversaries and birthdays – Want to show some love to your partner on a special day? Book a Couple spa package to gift. Nothing else will work such magic and happiness like Couple spa does!

With Valentine day just around the corner, book yourself the finest Couple Spa package at Thai Square Spa and make your better half feel fully loved and pampered.