Shine on your Wedding Day with Bridal Spa

For all those girls who are getting ready to be a bright and beautiful bride, taking customised Spa Package 6-weeks prior to your Wedding Day is what most aestheticians recommend. Rather, one should start taking facial and spa treatment sittings 2-3 months in advance of your D-day, says the Senior Aesthetician at Thai Square Spa.

The trend of Spa Packages for brides has been in rage for last ten years. But every year, new treatments and services keep on adding in these packages. A standard Bridal Spa Package should include full body spas, massages and customised facials designed as per the bride's skin type and skin problems. These facial sittings will give you face a healthy, vibrant and pink glow on your special day.

It is better to plan your Bridal Spa Package in such a manner that exfoliation, cleansing and tightening facial routines are also included in it. Regular sessions for the same will make your your skin smooth, supple and fresh. There are even more wonderful ways to make your skin and body shine with radiance; Seven Pollen facial of Thai Square Spa is one such facial that will not only make you feel royal but give your face a regal glow.

While choosing your Bridal Package, it is important to ensure that your whole body from head to toe gets a royal pampering. Your feet should get some good sessions of Pedicures, your nails should be manicured every week and your hair should look and feel wonderful. That's why most brides prefer the Bridal Preparation Ceremony package of Thai Square Spa that gives you 6 hours of beauty treatments including the delightful Milk Soak and Botanical Wrap as well.

Some brides also prefer taking such packages in small doses every fortnight 3 months prior to their wedding. For them, Thai Square Spa offers Eastern Bridal promise or Bridal Essential Package spanning 150-minutes of beauty treatments including Floral Foot Bath, Oriental Sole Foot Therapy, Ritual Massage and Signatory Treatment.

There are basically three benefits of taking such exclusive bridal spa packages -

1. These indulgent treatments result in a long-lasting improvement in your skin as well as face.

2. Spas and Massageshelp in reducing stress and anxiety; you end up noticing that your under-eye dark circles are gone and even your hair start to reflect more volume!

3. Wedding happens once in life and is a very special occasion. A Bridal Spa Package makes you feel royal, pampered and so very special.

Book yourself a lavish Bridal Spa package and get ready to dazzle everyone on your special day!