Pamper your feet the Thai way!

The very image of relaxing your feet by soaking them in warm water and then getting massaged brings a big smile to your face. And for all the good reasons! Because nothing else relaxes the tired muscles of your legs and feet better than a Foot Spa. So have you tried a Thai Foot spa? If not, let us enlighten you about its unique aspects–

Inspired by the traditional Thai massage - Thai Foot spa is much more than just a pedicure because it focuses on intrinsic aspects more than just filing your nails! Like, a Thai foot spa exfoliates the dead skin of your feet in a more effective manner. It is a thoroughly relaxing and pampering Thai foot massage experience ending with a ‘Feel-Great’ feeling right from your toe to the top of your head.

Opt for your choice of Aromatic Oils – Foot massage can be done with different kinds of essential oils which not only soften your skin but also nourish the skin cells within. Like Eucalyptus oil is great for people suffering from arthritis and other foot aches, swelling or pains. Lavender oil, on the other hand, is good for relaxation and soothing. Coconut oil and Olive oil are equally amazing for your skin while the lesser known things like chamomile flowers and peppermint would make up for a blissful soak for your feet.

Thai Reflexology – Thai Foot spa involves applying pressure onto particular areas of the soles of the feet. This pressure stimulates reflex action in some other part of the body leading to multiple benefits for the entire body system. Thai foot reflexology is done with hands, fingers and a wood stick with cream and oil. The belief of Chinese medicine therapy is so evident in Thai reflexology that the soles of our feet have maximum number of sensory nerves of the internal organs. Expert masseur applies just the right pressure on these nerves resulting in boosting blood circulation, preventing and curing injuries and muscle soreness and releasing stiffness from your lower part of the body.

Some Thai Spas are also offering Hot Stone massage for the feet. Such stones are coated with essential oils and herbal cooling balm. This also ends up in an unforgettable massage for your feet.

Whatever type of foot spa you choose, we at Thai Square Spa are committed to give you the most unique and beneficial foot massage session, the pleasure and benefits of which will delight your senses for long.