How effective a Facial is?

From poets to writers and even intellectuals, all of them have been spellbound by the beauty of face. No wonder, women (and even men) are so conscious about their face skin. With age and harsh weather conditions all around, the face tends to become dull and its skin loses its vitality. We often notice women looking for ways to improve their skin texture, tone and glow. The Face Beauty expert team of Thai Square Spa recommends getting facial treatments done on regular basis. And for all good reasons -

Youthful and tight skin - That's how the beauty of skin gets defined! And facial treatment is the best way to enhance or restore the youthfulness and tightening of the skin. Facial treatments by virtue of massage promote blood circulation and relaxes face muscles which in turn gives your face a youthful look.

Deep Pore Cleansing - Even though, we wash our face so many times a day; yet this everyday routine fails to accomplish the deep pore cleaning. It is with the help of skilled estheticians and Thai procedures that one can experience deeper cleansing of the face skin without disrupting the essential balance between pH and oils & lipids.

Reduced wrinkles - The popular Thai belief that ageing should not reflect on a woman's face led to the discovery of specialised Thai facial treatments whereby the head meridians and acupuncture points are massaged resulting in a lifted skin to reduce wrinkles. Thai facials are also known for stimulating the production of collagen and revitalising the face.

Glow is good - If you wish to have a pink and glowing face skin, try a facial treatment that suits your skin type. For example, if you use Gold or Royal facials at Thai Square Spa, your skin will get ample moisture and gold will help to rebuild collagen for firmer skin, while leaving you with a subtle shimmer.

Wonderful options as per your skin type - Face pampering comes in many forms - you can choose from a wide range of Thai facial treatments or customised facial packages. The beauty experts of London have been smitten with the Seven Pollen Facial Care which uses the pollen of seven Thai flowers, the effective combination of all these succeeds to cleanse, balance, repair moisturise and bring a healthy glow for your skin. Thai Square Spa also offers facial treatments to men among which the Hot Towel facial massage is very popular.

Whatever type of facial you choose, it is very important to be regular and enjoy these sessions with a relaxed Me-time' feeling.