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Treatments for travellers


1 hr/£125
Our expert therapists use secret massage techniques to release the muscle and joint tension resulting from long-haul travel. These special techniques also reduce swelling of the feet and legs, and encourage healthy blood circulation. Our exotic-scented massage oil will uplift your senses and our secret blend tea restores a sense of relaxation and serenity. Perfect post-touchdown.


2 hr/£250
Counteract the effects of long-haul travel with this re-energizing, feel-good treatment. Feet are first cleansed using our Siamese Sole Tea Foot Bath before the body is treated to a thorough exfoliation using our iMantara Refining Body Polish. A full body massage using Energy oil is at the heart of the treatment; releasing tension, stimulating the circulation and soothing tired muscles to bring the body back into the perfect state of balance. The treatment draws to a close with a specialty tea blend served to help induce restful sleep.