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Royal Treatments


1.5 Hr/£185
Inspired by the natural beauty of the ancient Siamese women, this exquisite treatment leaves skin glowing with radiant health and vitality. After a scrupulous cleanse, enjoy a revitalizing Jasmine based exfoliation before firming Thai herbal compresses are gently pressed into the skin to stimulate facial acupressure points. The 24-carat Pure Gold Collagen Mask is at the heart of the treatment and plumps up the skin with its beautiful blend of opulent ingredients that deeply hydrate and nurture dull, dehydrated and more mature complexions. Enjoy a mini head and shoulder massage as this luxurious mask helps stimulate collagen production and leaves skin with a lit-from-within golden glow.


1.5 Hr/£185
This men’s only treatment combines the mystical powers of the Jade semi-precious stone with the science of collagen. Your facial journey begins with a secret Thai pressure point massage on the scalp and hands followed by a purifying hot face towel compress. A full facial massage follows to stimulate the circulation and promote a healthy glow. Collagen is then massaged into the face and neck using the jade stone to counteract dullness and smooth fine lines and wrinkles and collagen patches are applied to the eyes. The collagen nourishes the skin at its deeper layers and stimulates elasticity. The Jade stone heals the mind and soul. The facial ends with a Buddhist inspired breathing exercise to promote ultimate calm and well-being.


2 Hrs/£350
Jade has long been considered a symbol of beauty, power and good health within the court of Siam. Due to its high silica content, it is believed to strengthen the function of the kidneys, liver and heart, reduce inflammation and increase blood circulation. Using two expert therapists this ‘four-hand’ treatment begins with a head massage that features acupressure techniques. The body is then enveloped in warm scented oils. The heat from the Jade stones relaxes the muscles enabling a deeper massage. You are left feeling completely rejuvenated, with mind and body in total harmony.


2.5 Hrs/£315
The treatment begins with herbal steam then a full body cleanse to prepare the body for exfoliation. Using a light gel scrub scented with ginger the skin is gently exfoliated leaving it fresh and glowing. To follow is a unique Thai herbal massage base on Siamese customs. With extracts of cinnamon, black pepper and camphor within the massage oil, your muscles will be left feeling relaxed and soothed and your senses invigorated by this unique therapy.


2.5 Hrs/£315
This treatment has been developed using the long kept secret rituals of Siamese courtiers. This treatment will uplift you and leave you in a state of total relaxation. The royal Thai body ritual begins with a sweet scented of scrub to revitalize your body, followed by a royal Thai massage, using a hot herbal compress to loosen tight muscles and improve circulation. The treatment finishes with the application of So Sen Uplifting Jasmine Body Lotion, containing Jasmine flower extracts and moisturize to hydrates the skin.