The wonders of Sauna/Steam room

The Sauna/ Steam Rooms are widely used by spa goers, fitness and wellness lovers from around the world. When you are heading towards a healthy lifestyle, it is a great idea to adopt something that is both relaxing and effective to achieve your goals. Most spa facilities in London have Sauna/Steam rooms, make sure to check them out when you have your spa days London or a Thai massage London. The Sauna/Steamboom offers a great number of health benefits that everyone should know about.

Deep relaxation and detoxification

The best way to relieve stress in a natural way is through exercise and workout or indulge in a Thai massagein London. But the regime is not complete without sitting in a sauna or steam room for total relaxation of the muscles and mind. The heat in sauna and steam rooms helps to relax muscles and nerves whereas the enclosed and quiet space helps to calm the mind. Also, the heat makes us sweat profusely, and research has shown that sweating helps our body to get rid of unwanted toxins such asuric, sodium and lactic acid.

Losing body weight

What’s worse than water retention and the feeling of heaviness? Sometimes our body absorbs too much water which in turn causes our body weight to rise. Through the process of sweating in a sauna or steam room in a spa, a lot of unwanted water is lost through sweat which leads to a reduction of body weight. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water after as too much water loss will result in dehydration.

Benefit for your skin and complexion

The heat in sauna and steamrooms helps to open up your pores resulting in all the gross sebum and dirt that is usually trapped in the pores forming blackhead and whitehead to comeout. The heat also softens all the dead skin that you can easily rub away to reveal the soft baby skin underneath. In a deeper level, your blood circulationis also improved resulting in a natural blush and healthy glowing skin.

Benefit for your heart and blood circulation

Research has shown that the heatin Sauna/steam rooms stimulates your heart to pump faster by up to 30%. As aresult, more blood is being circulated around the body and it is like a workout for your heart. Many reported that this spa regime helps to lower blood pressure, as the heat causes the capillaries in the skin to dilate, which ineffect lower blood pressure.

Reduce joint pain

The dry heat from Sauna has been reported to help people who suffer from arthritis and joint pain. The medical reason behind is still under study but it is well documented that Sauna provides temporary reliefs for joint discomfort.

There is no better time to leada more health conscious life than now. Many people in London are having regular Thai massage London sessions, or even taking days off for spa days. The first step is to try out the many spa places that have sauna/steam rooms.

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