What do you know about sauna?

It is true that people nowadays are often stressed by different tense situations at home and work. These accumulate a lot of stress and one of the best ways for people to loosen up is to enjoy nice spa days at a Thai spa. With this in mind, Thai Square Spa is a popular venue that provides you with luxurious spa days in London.

One of the popular spa facilities at Thai Square Spa is its sauna and steam room, which are specifically designed for dry or wet heat to stimulate blood circulation and eliminate toxins in the body. Yet, how well do you know about saunas? Let’s take a trip down the road to know more about how saunas originated and become a well-known spa facility in Thai spa today.

What is Sauna?

Sauna is a small room in which its temperature is heated up between 60°C and 100°C. The heat is meant to induce sweating and stimulate people’s blood circulation , which is very effective in promoting deep sleep and relaxation. Sauna is also believed to be beneficial for cardio vascular health.

Sauna can be divided into dry or wet treatments. A wet sauna session or steam room is when water is poured over the hot stones, and thus producing steam in the sauna room and raising its temperature, whereas, there is an absence of humidity in a dry sauna experience.

The History of the Sauna

The origin of Sauna can be traced back to Finland, where sauna became an integral part of the Finnish way of life. The oldest sauna facility in Finland that is known to the world is made from a pit dug in the ground and primarily used for dwelling purposes during winter seasons. Later, the sauna was transformed into a small cabin built with wooden logs. In this form of sauna, the heat comes from a pile of rocks continuously heated by wood fire. It takes a long time to completely heat up the room to the optimal temperature. This is also known as Smoke Sauna, or Finnish savusauna. Nowadays, it has evolved into using an electric sauna stove to produce the heat instead.

Another modern sauna facility is called infrared saunas or far infrared saunas, where the heat is produced from infrared heaters. The difference between infrared sauna and Finnish sauna is that the former prompts perspiration at a lower temperature than the latter.

After all, saunas are intended for both physical and psychological relaxation with family and friends, and it has evolved into a popular spa facility in the world.

Sauna session at Thai Square Spa

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