Welcome to the world of Siamese Serenity Treatment

Everybody deserves to have a relaxing treatment at a spa, especially after a hard day’s work and among the great treatments, the Siamese serenity treatment is a type of Thai massage London that you cannot miss. This treatment not only helps you to relax in a serene environment but also gives you beautiful glowing skin. In other words,it is great for both your body and mind. If you are curious to know how it is done, then here it is.

1. Full Body Exfoliation
The first step is full body exfoliation in the spa. This is done through theuse of a Thai Longan rich scrub (a natural scrub made from the skin of a Thaifruit). ≈Through this process, you can expect your dead skin cells to be removed revealing more beautiful and smoother skin. It also helps in better absorption of moisturiser as dead skin cells are removed. The scrub does wonders in this process.

2. The Use of Turmeric
Turmeric is a type of herb that belongs to the ginger family. If you think that turmeric is only used for cooking, then you are wrong. It has been known forits antibacterial and antiseptic properties, which helps to clear acne and calm inflammation, and at the same time reduces oil secretion to prevent futureout breaks. Normally, the spa therapist at Thai massage London applies it right after the full body exfoliation process.

Ylang-Ylang Clay Application
Ylang-Ylang is the flower of cananga tree, a tropical tree that originates inIndonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. It has healing and anti septicproperties. After your body has been exfoliated and after turmeric has been used, now is the time for the ylang-ylang clay to be applied on your skin. The therapist at the spa would apply it on your skin gently as a body mask that canaid in restoring and nourishing your skin.

3. iMantara Royal Rachawadee Ritual Massage
Your Thai massage London and Siamese serenity treatment would not be complete without the iMantara Royal Rachawadee Ritual Massage. Through it, the tensionin your body would be reduced and you would also be provided with relief from the muscle pain that you are suffering from. With the expert hand of the massage therapists, you would also get to relieve your stress apart from you having a better sleep after the entire treatment has been done.

It is time to treat yourself with a relaxing Thai massage in London, and have a break from your busy day today life. If you are living or visiting London, make sure to check out the various spa deals London or Thai massage London.Why not try the Siamese Serenity Treatment and see the difference it can bring to your mind, body and well-being as a whole. As more and more people are becoming health conscious, many people have incorporated regular spa treatment into their busy life to ensure a balanced lifestyle. It would make an excellent gift to almost everyone to have a relaxing spa treatment. Place your trust in the ancient wisdom of Thai massage and try out Siamese Serenity Treatment, it will leave you feeling invigorated and well balanced.