Waxing or Shaving: Which one should you choose to remove your body hair

Hair removal is a very common issue that lots of women are struggling with, and people will resort to various solutions to get rid of the unwanted body hair. Surely, the most effective solution is to go for a waxing treatment at Thai spa, which will make sure that you are ready for your summer outfit. At Thai Square Spa, we offer a great range of waxing treatments, you are very welcome to book an appointment withus.

For those who have never had waxing services before, you can read this article to get to know more about waxing treatment and how it will benefit you.



Some would argue that it is more cost effective to buy shaving products from the drug stores. However, they have neglected the fact that the results of using the shaving products at home are not as effective as a waxing treatment at the best spa in London. A waxing treatment is a semi-permanent hair removal service which will remove your body hair from root and tend to last for approximately four to six weeks. This is because waxing pulls the hair from the follicles, and it will take a longer time for the body hair to regrow. Your skin will be left smooth for a month or longer, and it is perfect for people who do not want to keep shaving after a week or two.

No Irritation and cuts

Shaving cream and foam may be a cheaper option, however, using these products have a higher risk of causing rashes on your sensitive skin. As for the shaving blades, it must be used with caution, otherwise, you may cut yourself as a result. This is why it is always better to have a more effective and safe waxing treatment done by professionals at Thai spa in London instead.

No Stubbles and Bumps

Another reason why shaving products are less ideal is because of the stubbles and bumps. Using shaving products may help you save money, however, they cannot help you remove your body hair completely. Instead, it always leaves stubbles and bumps after the shaving, which makes your skin look rougher and more irritating. On the other hand, waxing gives you a smoother skin as the body hair is pulled out from the root. Stubbles and bumps will never be a concern to you. Furthermore, if youhave a regular waxing service at Thai spa, your body hair will be finer and grow slower.

Perfect For Any Kind of Hair

Whether they’re your eyebrows,armpits or the bikini line, waxing at the best spa in London is perfect for you since it ensures that you will not have to deal with the issue for some weeks to come.

Waxing at Thai Square Spa

If you are looking for a relaxing and luxurious waxing treatment at the best spa in London, Thai Square Spa will be the perfect destination for you. Our team offers a great range of waxing services, ranging from Brazilian Wax to Eyebrow Wax. You can also enjoyour Lip Wax and Chin Wax services with us as well. All you need to do is tocall us on 020 7839 7990 to make an appointment.

New Treatment at Thai Square Spa- Thai Square Nature Scrub

If you plan to make an appointment for our waxing treatment at Thai Square Spa, we highly recommend you to try out our upcoming new body treatment - Thai Square Nature Scrub. Using fresh and natural ingredients, like oatmeal, yoghurt, tamarind and jojoba, this one-hour body treatment will effectively remove the dead skin cells on your body. There is nothing that can be more effective than having both waxing services and our new body treatment at the best Thai spa in London to prepare yourself for summer or special occasions.
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