Ultimate Spa Sampler Packages By Thai Square Spa

Thai massages and spa treatmentsaddress and combine ancient techniques that may have been ignored by westernpractitioners for a very long time. These are now being discovered…Thaimassages are believed to be over 2000 years old and include Trigger Point Treatments,Myo-fascial Techniques, Neuro-Muscular therapies, and Manual Therapy among manyothers. You can find a great combination of energetic and physical aspects inthe ultimate spa sampler packages by the Thai Square, London. This is whatmakes our Thai Massage sessions so unique and so very effective.

For those who are looking foramazing relaxation in 2-3 hours, there are a few Spa Samplerpackages being offered by Thai Square Spa -

Healing Spa Sampler package - A 2hr 45min package costing £215 includes Floral Foot Bath, ThaiHerbal Healer and Siamese Sole Foot Therapy. You will surely feel healed toyour core after cherishing this special.

Stimulating Spa Sampler Package - A shorter version of Spa that lasts for 1hr 45minand costs £135, it includes Floral Foot Bath, Come Clean Bali Body Scrub andRitual Massage. Go for it if you need to rejuvenate but have lesser time.

Traditional Spa Sample Package - It lasts for 2hr 45min and costs £195. You willsurely enjoy Floral Foot Bath, Traditional Thai Massage and Siamese Sole FootTherapy given in this package.

Ultimate Sen for her - Well, this one is exclusively designed for women and includes 2hours of pampering embracing Floral Foot bath, Exotic Scrub Vichy Shower, Back,Neck, Shoulder Massage and an immaculate Complexions Facial. Sounds really wow!

There is an ULTIMATE SEN FOR HIMwhich lasts for 2hrs and costs £180. Men can expect the best of Floral FootBath, Exotic Scrub Vichy Shower, Back, Neck, Shoulder Massage and Gentlemen’sCollagen Recharge Facial.

There are someother Spa Sampler packages as well like Thai Tranquillity and HeavenlyHeadspace which focuses on Hair care. So which one are you booking for yourselfthis weekend?