When you have a lot to deal with in your daily routine, keeping up with your job feels like impossible. Personal care must be an integral part of your daily life. When it comes to relief from work stress, spa treatment seems like the best option.

You cannot escape from your responsibilities and the stress of work but you can do things that can relax your mind and body. Thai Square Spa is offering most relaxing spa treatments and massage experiences for people in London. Either you are a student or a job holder, Thai Square Spa has amazing Spa Deal London that you cannot refuse. Our offered massage experiences make us the ideal spot for Thai Massage London.

When it comes to Thai Massage London or day Spa London, we provide the best relaxing spa treatments by using unique essential oils for different types of massages. Here are some most common types of essential oils for Spa Treatments in London that we use at Thai Square Spa:

Lavender Essential Oil

This essential oil is being used for a long time in different massage rituals in different cultures. Most of the spa treatments start with Lavender Essential Oil as it is quite effective for skin smoothening. In typical spa treatment, Lavender Essential Oil is applied at different body parts and then the masseur gently massages it on the legs, arms and other stressed areas.

Frankincense Essential Oil

At Thai Square Spa, we like to use Frankincense Essential Oil for many spa treatments in London the scent of Frankincense Essential Oil are relaxing and sweet. When you are feeling down and want to get rid of mental or physical stress, Visit Thai Square Spa for the best Thai Massage London.

Spa treatment with Frankincense Essential Oil leads to better and peaceful sleep at night. If you are having troubles with sleep due to stress, get a spa treatment with Frankincense Essential Oil.

Hinoki Essential Oil

The aroma of Hinoki Essential Oil is quite relaxing and spicy. This essential oil is extracted from Timber and this tree is one of the most famous sacred trees of Kiso. When Hinoki Essential Oil is applied to the body during Thai Massage London, you will feel a new wave of energy in your spirit and body.

The Hinoki Essential Oil is mostly used for stresses nerves and the calming effect is a real blessing for relief from mental or physical stress.

Sandalwood Essential Oil

If you like the scent of soil after rain, you are going to love Sandalwood Essential Oil for spa treatments. When we are offering spa treatments to our clients, we prefer to mix Sandalwood Essential Oil with some other essential oils for better results.

Sandalwood Essential Oil has many health benefits too like it is a cure for eczema. Spa treatments with Sandalwood Essential Oil help people to improve their focus on things in daily life.

Are you stressed and want a peaceful Thai Massage in London, try Thai Square Spa for the best spa treatment deals in London. Enjoy the energetic spa experience in London at Thai Square Spa in a relaxing environment.