Which type of Thai massages is the best treatment for you?

So, you’ve had the longest week ever after tremendous amounts of pressure at work and at home. All you want to do is to relax, but you seem to be unable to find the most appropriate way of doing so. Well, let us suggest a day in the Thai Square Spa – something that’s going to be a treat for your senses. Spa is always deeply relaxing, but our Thai spa treatments are going to make you feel like you’ve been born again. So,with this in mind, let’s take a look at the different practices that you can come to expect from a Thai massage in London.

Traditional Massage with Thai techniques

Of course, it’s only logical tostart with the traditional massage. It includes a wide range of therapeutictechniques as well as convenient stretching exercises and the consecutiveapplication of pressure to some certain energy spots to relieve tension. Themassage is designed to facilitate quicker and prompt regeneration as it’s goingto stimulate the overall circulation of blood, making your entire system a lotmore flexible.

Thai Ritual Massage

This type of Thai massagetreatments is a combination of Swedish and Thai massage techniques. It isdifferent from the traditional Thai massage, as it is a comparatively softer and more relaxing spa treatment.

Thai Square Spa offers various ritual treatments to revitalise your body. They are designed to loosen your tight muscles by applying pressure point techniques. Visit our website for more details on these treatments now.

Traditional Thai Massage London with Herbal Treatment

Have you ever heard about Thai Herbal Healer massage? It is a typical spa procedure used after Thai ritual massage. It is designed to bring your body into deep relaxation through the practice of hot herbal compresses, and those various Thai herbs that are used in the hot compresses will take you in an enticing world of charming aromas which are going to bring nothing but excellence and health.

The herbs are warmed in advance,and they contain properties that will properly relieve stress and tight muscle,improve blood circulation and stimulate emotional well-being as well. Thus, itis considered a better option than the hot stone spa therapy.

Visit Thai Square Spa to try out our conventional Thai herbal spa treatment now.

Thai Massage London for Pregnant Women

The truth is that this is one of the most challenging tasks to handle, but it’s particularly beneficial for both the mother and the baby. Thai Square Spa offers Pre-birth Essential treatment specifically designed for pregnant women.

Pre-birth Essential is a ritual massage combined with Asian botanical ingredients and special massage technique. It is a generally softer massage treatment which is designed to address the common problems with pregnancy, for example, dry skin, aching muscles and fluid retention. Our specialists will be more careful with the area that they can massage on, in order to revitalise the body of the expectant mother and protect the unborn baby at the same time.

In any case, there are tons of reasons for which you might want to consider visiting Thai Square Spa in London. It’s amongst the best venues for truly relaxing and nourishing massages which are going to make you feel like you were born again. With this in mind,don’t hesitate any further and go ahead and make sure that you book an hour and enjoy the best day spa London in the hands of professionals.

Visit our Thai Square Spa website for more information on our best spa deals in London as well as our Specialist Maternity Therapies now.