The Origin of Facial Treatment

A facial is the most important part of the beauty regime to us. We are constantly looking for the best facial in London. When we are talking about facials, we are actually referring to arange of spa treatments, such as steam, exfoliation, masks and massage, etc.Known as the best spa in London, Thai Square Spa offers a wide selection offacial treatments for both men and women that helps peel away the old, dead skin cells and provide our spa-goers with a fresh and rejuvenated face.

While you are browsing for the luxurious facial treatment that is suitable for you online, how much do youreally know about facial treatment?

A Brief History of Facial Treatments

The origin of facial treatments and the use of natural ingredients to help rejuvenate the skin can be datedback to the 1500s - 1600s. At that time, women would do everything to maintaina pale skin, which was a symbol of power and wealth. For instance, it is believed that Queen Elizabeth I, along with other members of the upper class,used Ceruse, a substance made of vinegar and white lead to help bleach the skin. However, this substance is, in fact, toxic and dangerous. Doing more harm than good, Ceruse has undoubtedly created many cases of illness, even people at that time were not aware of what was causing their illness.

The trend for pursuing glowing and rejuvenating skin has further inspired other new facial treatments in the following years. In 1875, a new overnight sleeping beauty mask was known asToilet Mask, which was invented by Madame Rowley to keep your complexion smooth and healthy.  There were more facial skincare products introduced in the 1990s. Apart from the Kemolite Radio-Active Beauty Plasma, a volcanic clay mud product, women visited a beauty salon regularly for a radium-infused mask treatment, which was later proven to beharmful and ineffective.

Today, the facial treatments provided by the best spa in London become more advanced and safe. Using natural materials, such as plants and mud, the chances of any harmful side effects and allergic reaction have been greatly reduced. The facial skin care products available in the market are not only limited to providing you with a youthful-looking and glowing complexion but also include pore tightening and anti-ageing effects etc.

For those who would like to enjoy the best facial in London, why not visit your favourite day spa in London and try out the various treatments provided. At Thai Square Spa, we offer awide range of facial treatments for both men and women. One of our most popular treatments is the award-winning Golden Maharani facial treatment.

GoldenMaharani Facial Treatment

Golden Maharani facial treatmentis an award-winning facial therapy that has been enjoyed by the contestants inthe Apprentice programme aired by BBC. This facial treatment starts with athorough cleansing and exfoliation with our iMantara products. It is thenfollowed by the application of Thai herbal compresses that stimulate the acupressure points for maximum relief. Nonetheless, the heart of this treatment is the24-pure carat gold collagen mask which plumps, hydrates, and nurtures the skin.In the end, there is also a mini-head and shoulders that many find relaxing while helping circulate the blood for better results.

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