Thai Square Spa – the Best Luxury Beauty Spa in UK 2017

As the winner of 2017 Best Luxury Beauty Spa in the UK from World Luxury Spa Awards, Thai Square Spa sealsits reputation for being the best spa in London and the perfect place to relaxand rejuvenate.

Thai Square Spa offers the best massage in London, where you can enjoy their Thai spa treatments in a tranquil atmosphere and let your cares slip away. Also reputed as the best nail salon inLondon, Thai Square Spa is the perfect destination for a complete and unforgettable day spa in London, as you can enjoy the finest manicure services alongside with other spa treatments.

Why is the World Luxury Spa Awards important to Thai Square Spa?

Perhaps, a single award is inadequate to reflect the overall quality of a spa centre like Thai Square Spa. However, this award does serve as an important reference for anyone who is looking for the best spa in London.

With intentions to raise the quality of services and provide well-deserved recognition to the spa centres,the organisation visits the luxury spas around the world that have been nominated by a panel of spa experts. All the winners from the World Luxury Spa Awards are proven to be the best spas in their respective areas, providing the spa-goers with the highest quality of services and spa treatments.

For Thai Square Spa, we are very proud of being the winner of the 2017 Best Luxury Beauty Spa in the UK. Nabbinga prestigious award like the one presented by the World Luxury Spa Awards provides recognition for the excellent services provided by Thai Square Spa.This award does not imply that our team’s performance has been recognised, but also brings much-needed attention to us. For anyone who rarely or has never been to a spa centre, this award adds another reason for them to visit Thai Square Spa, the best spa in London.


For years, Thai Square Spa hasdelivered a peaceful and serene environment with a wide range of luxury spa treatments. Whether you arelooking for a facial treatment or a foot massage to soothe your shopping aches,we have luxury spa treatments that suit your needs. If you are looking for something special, why not try our exclusive Royal Treatments. The Siamese Courtiers Remedyis the best massage in London that you should not miss. Starting with are vitalising body scrub and followed by a traditional Thai massage, this Royal treatment will effectively soothe and rejuvenate your mind and body.

Besides our signature Thai spa therapies, Thai Square Spa also prides ourselves as the best nail salon inLondon. Using the finest nail products, we provide top quality manicure and pedicure services to the spa-lovers.

If you are looking for the best spa in London, Thai Square Spa, the winner of 2017 Best Luxury Beauty Spa in the UK will be an ideal place for you. Our wide-range of high-quality spatreatments have made us a popular place in London to relax, unwind, and recharge. Therefore, Thai Square Spa is always at the top of the list for the best day spa in London.

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