Thai or Sports Massage - Which one to opt for?

Are you aware of the fact that Thai massage is also referred to as Thai-yoga and its origin dates back to over 7000 years. In today's modern times it is quite often compared with the sports massage which is the most well known western therapeutic approach to massage. However, there are many commonalities between the Sports and Thai massage, there are some obvious differences as well but despite that numerous practitioners consider them to be extremely compatible and blend the two to produce great results.

Well, sports massage is basically a usual style of massage which aids in training athletes along with treating sports injuries. Sports massage is rather a mixture of the assisted stretching and massage techniques. Then of course sports massage is not a form of a general relaxation massage, but one centred on getting relief from pain, injury, stress and enhancing body performance. It is usually reckoned as a deep massage which works on the principles of muscle, bone and nerve function. As the name might wrongly indicate, sports massage is not merely meant for the sports person but is handy for an average person to an office based professional reeling with back, neck pain or shoulder tension.

Whereas, according to a theory, the Thai massage may prove to be an ultimate sports massage. This implies that by carefully understanding the world's oldest medicine systems, we can be much better prepared to treat athletic conditions. It has in fact been utilised as a general preventative healthcare system for a long time now. The approach of this massage therapy is primarily based on understanding of energy channels that run through the body (like blood vessels) and is pretty similar to the Chinese meridians of acupuncture. It is usually rendered with the recipient wearing comfortable attire, on a futon mat on the floor. The massage is provided in a quite slow, gentle, meditative and in a mindful manner.

Thai massage is most sought after for the fabulous myriad of applied yoga stretches, involving a series of dynamic stretches. The stretches are majorly multi-planar implying that each stretch moves the muscles in more than just one direction. The treatment basically improves and boosts energy circulation by loosening muscles. Also by clearing all of the body's vital chakras, crucial energy flow is restored throughout the body.