Introducing Our Latest Thai Lotus Defense Facial Treatment At Thai Square Spa?

Thai Square Spa has introducedits new Thai Lotus Defense Facial Treatment and you have got to try this oneout! This facial treatment will surely become one of our best and signature treatmentsat Thai Square Spa due to the benefitsit encompasses. The Thai Lotus Facial is said to be beautiful and magical dueto its main ingredient; the lotus. The lotus is the key ingredient in thefacial that will bring brightness and vitality to your skin and that is exactlywhy you need to try it!

What exactly is the sacred lotus?

The sacred lotus has been anessential part of the culture in the East. It is a representation ofpurification and enlightenment in Eastern culture. The treatment incorporatesnumerous divine elements that will be of benefit to your skin. The ingredientsthat are used in the treatment will leave your skin hydrated and will protectit from particles of pollution floating about in the air. The treatment willdefinitely leave your skin glowing, youthful, and healthy as ever. The bestpart is that the treatment is suitable for all skin types, even the sensitiveones out there!

As a symbol of purity, thesacred lotus has played a great role throughout history in the East. Each partof the plant is of benefit to the people and so every part is used in one wayor another. It has been grown for almost 7000 years and is still cultivated today. Nowadays this beautiful and organic lotus is not only popular among thepeople of the East. It is also enjoyed and respected by thousands of people allaround the world due to its many health benefits proved by modern science.Buddhists believe that the lotus symbolises purity of body, mind and speech.This is due to the imagery of its long stalks flowering above the muddy watersin which it grows. It is also believed that the lotus is a symbol ofdetachment, as water runs off its petals quickly. The pink lotus is consideredthe supreme lotus sacred by Buddhists as it is the flower associated with theBuddha.

The Facial and its benefits

The products used in the facialtreatment are of the highest quality. Panipuri’s products are the best inLondon and offer several great advantages for your skin.

Considered the best facial In London, it will not only soothe your skin but also bring it back to life with a healthy glow. We know how damaged the skin can be following sun exposure andeveryday pollution. This facial will repair your skin, making it firmer andtighter for a healthy and youthful look.

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