Spa – The New Age Massage for Mental Health

The fact that spas help your body as well as mind get rejuvenated is now substantiated by recent published research in clinical journals. It is not only said to relieve pain and relax the mind, but also reduce symptoms of depression, lessen anxiety, build mental stamina, and take away fatigue. A regular dose of a spa goes a long way in enhancing the quality of life. Patients with various ailments show improved results in efficacy of medication with the help of spas.

In addition to the above studies, the consumer survey found that people who under go spa treatments on a regular basis have a higher happiness quotient. The annual consumer survey indicates that spas and massage treatments are increasingly finding a place inpeople's lives and more and more percent of people are relying on spas to relieve pains, tone body, lose body weight, reduce stress and sleep better. Sofar spas have exceeded expectations and with advanced techniques and greater research, they are bound to perform better and improve the lives of people. More and more doctors are now recommending spas to their patients and people are finding solace in this gentle massage and stress relieving therapy.