Spa Gift Basket – Always a Suitable Gift Option

It is absolutely true that finalizing or deciding upon a special gift is quite cumbersome as it may require a lot of thought, time, and money. Then of course opting for the perfect gifts for friends, co-workers or loved ones is not a cake walk either besides in accordance to the occasion (i.e bridal shower, holiday, celebration) you always intend that the gift is meaningful and useful. So, it is certainly a more cost-effective and suitable option to create a personalized spa gift basket for any special occasion.

Spa Gift baskets are even referred to as the "last-minute, no thought" gift option as well. It should be noted that a basket comprising hand-picked spa goodies is always more appreciated and cherished.

Supply Possibilities for Spa Gift Baskets-

•    Bath Products - scented soaps, lotions, bath gels are among the best options which can also be readily available at discount department stores.

•    Candles - assorted tealights, holders are too the best deals at similar department stores.

•   Baskets - assorted shapes, sizes, colors, textures can be found at craft or dollar stores.

•    Ribbon – numerous colors, widths, and textures can again be found at craft stores.

•   Clear gift wrap - rolls can be availed at craft or dollar stores

Key Steps for Making Spa Gift Baskets

Step 1: To begin with you need to sort and group bath items by color and scent possibly in order to create a visually appealing presentation of the basket.

Step 2: Pick a basket which can conveniently accommodate all the items that you've grouped together. Basket sizes and shapes can be best utilized for a unique arrangement.

Step 3: Color of tissue paper should be chosen diligently to compliment your items lined up in the basket.

Step 4: Items in the basket should be ideally placed vertically or flat, in accordance to the shape of the basket and items.

Step 5: Lay the filled basket in the plastic wrap and then get the corners of plastic wrap closer in a way that you can gather and tuck in sides solidly pulling together. Then tape around to secure closure.

Step 6: Tie along a desired length of ribbon in way making a bow.

Step 7: Finally remove the excess plastic wrap by cutting off.