Essential Spa Etiquettes You Should be Aware of

Visiting a spa can be an absolutely relaxing and rejuvenating experience for anyone. A place like a spa is an excellent place for unwinding oneself and savouring a bit of pampering anytime of the day. But obviously making the most of your visit to a spa requires one to inculcate certain etiquettes. But unfortunately, most of the people lack even the basic manners and really don't understand the concept of spa etiquettes.

So, if you're a first time spa goer or a regular visitor of a spa it is a must that you adhere to the spa etiquettes and be a good spa customer. So, let's review the most important spa etiquettes:

Personal Hygiene

Although no esthetician or anyone from the spa staff will complain about your body odor, arriving clean and taking care of one's personal grooming is always very essential. For instance one should avoid walking into a spa location with sweaty feet.

Turning Off Your Cell phone

Well, it might not make much of a sense, but you'd be astonished to learn the number of people who sit texting during their pedicure session cause a lot of disturbance with their vibrating and ringing phones. So, one obviously cannot relax nor the person next to you.


It simply implies that one must arrive on time. Ideally arriving around 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time can be ideal as it helps in attaining a relaxed mindset. Then of course if it's your first visit then you'll also require a few minutes to fill out the paperwork.

Clear Communication

Your spa therapist is not really a mind reader but endeavors to make your spa experience a worthwhile one. So, you should feel free to communicate in case you look for something different for your convenience or comfort.


The amount to tip varies from spa to spa. Also at times resort spas add up a service fee too but the therapist may not receive all of that service fee. Otherwise 15% to 20% is a standard tipping amount.