Royal Spa treatments – For an Ultimate Rejuvenation

Spas nowadays have evolved as the most sought after place to relax and rejuvenate. Spas offer a flurry of treatments catering to various problems and needs of the individuals. However some of the spas have devised some Royal Treatments to customers to further add to the individual spa experience. Interestingly the legacy of such treatments dates back to the late 19th and early 20th century during the time when Thailand was reckoned as the Kingdom of Siam. During that time, court ladies were known for transforming indigenous ingredients into delicate formulations and beauty regimes.

Here is a review of the Thai Square Spa's exclusive rituals inspired by the Siamese heritage.

- Stimulating OIL MASSAGE

The treatment commences with herbal steam, then moving to a full body cleansing to enable the body for exfoliation. A pretty light scrub scented with ginger to exfoliate the skin thereby leaving it fresh and glowing. Apart from that extracts of cinnamon, black pepper within the massage oil are utilized to soothe your senses.

- THAI COURT's Conventional THERAPY

This treatment has been devised from the ancient secret rituals of the Siamese courtiers. This treatment motivates you and gets you in a state of total relaxation. This rituals begins with a sweet scented mild scrub to revitalize your body coupled with a royal Thai massage. This process basically loosens tight muscles and greatly improves circulation. Later body butter is applied to nurture and moisturize the skin.


Jade has been popularly reckoned as a symbol of beauty, power and good health for a long time within the court of Siam. At the dint of the high quantities of silica, jade is believed to strengthen the kidneys, liver and heart besides enhancing blood circulation. With the aid of two highly skilled therapists this four-hand treatment flags off with a head massage using acupressure techniques. The body is then covered in warm scented oils. The heat evolved from the Jade stones greatly relaxes the muscles leaving you feeling absolutely rejuvenated, refreshed and body in total harmony.