Pleasure, Pampering or Relaxation – It’s Full-on!

Can 40 minutes of Me-time change your stiff and stressed life 360 degrees? Of course, if it is 30 minutes of a

Not just the name, every single inch of Thai Square Spa stands as an epitome of the great legacy of Thai Massage. The fragrances of flowers grown exclusively in Thailand greet you at the entrance. Going forward to the footbath of rose petals for your tired feet, this is where your Me-time begins!

A Full Body Massage at Thai Square Spa is no child's play. It is done only by experts who understand deeply the impact of rubbing various muscles, tendons, skin and ligaments. To say that a massage effects only where the masseur's hands touch is an illusion; you feel your mind slipping into an abyss of calmness, your heart beating in sync the rhythm of liveliness and your soul blissfully aware of the heavenly moments. While you enjoy the therapeutic oils/lotions being used to drain stress out of your arms, legs, shoulders and back, it is an incredible feeling within In fact, the Full Body Massage is meant more to rejuvenate your heart, mind and soul!

Various beauty and health experts who swear by its physical and psychological benefits have recommended full Body Massage. It not only reduces anxiety and stress but also plays a key role in overcoming depression. Often people report a week-full of energy and vitality after Full Body massage sessions; and if you happen to get it done from Thai Square Spa, expect the effect to last longer much longer!

Full Body massage is specially recommended for people suffering from pain and muscle stiffness. Studies have proved its medical benefits as this type of massage releases endorphins, a chemical in the brain that is meant to relieve pain. Along with the added benefits of body-toning and sculpting a Full Body Massage can be a temptation for many of us wishing to have an hour-glass figure. In fact, such massage has been cited as one reason for the glowing skin of the majority of oriental women. For health, beauty, wellness, relaxation, pampering or immunity boosting - Full Body Massage is the way to go!

We all know a Full Body Massage does wonders by removing dead cells and improving blood circulation; but to actually experience how it uplifts your spirits and moves you in the happy zone, you will have to book an appointment at Thai Square Spa.