Sauna – Perfect Spa Experience For This Christmas

Designed to deliver a sumptuous and rejuvenating day spa in London, Sen Space offers both hot and cold spa treatments to restore your body and mind to the perfect state. Our sauna sessions have always been a favourite among the spa-goers in London. Sauna is not simply a small steam room where recipients sit, relax and meditate underthe temperate between  60°C and 100°C. Anindulgent sauna session offers more than a simple relaxation and inducing better and deeper sleep, there are other fascinating reasons why spa-goers always make it part of their day spa in London.

Here are some reasons illustrating why the sauna at Thai Square Spa is so well-loved by thespa-goers.


This is a great way to help the body detoxify as it sweats out all the unwanted toxins through the skin. With a proper diet, regular sauna sessions can help keep your body cleansed and function properly. It further helps keep your body free of toxin build-up, so that you will feel more energetic and more alive than before.

Pain Relief

The heat from the sauna increases the blood circulation inside your body, and thus, it becomes an effective solution for relieving your sore muscles and certain types of arthritic pain. This is why sauna is always preferable after working out or along day at work.

Better Skin

The sweat that pours out combined with the humid air inside the sauna greatly helps improve your skin conditions. This is because the pores are opened, the moisture from the steamseeps in, and the skin itself becomes refreshed. Regular trips to your favourite day spa in London and enjoying the best sauna in London means that you can improve the overall appearance of your skin in a short time and keep it that way.

Improve Breathing Conditions

Another advantage of going for asauna session at the best Thai spa in London is that it improves your breathing condition. This is because the humidity allows you to breathe properly and deeper so that you become relaxed. It also helps to loosen the phlegm that causes stuffiness so you can inhale deeply and more freely.

Social Benefits

Perhaps, this is a surprising fact that only a few people are aware of. As a private space, the sauna room provides an intimate and cosy environment, where people can have a relaxing catch-up or chat with family, friends and even colleagues. Besides restaurants,cocktail bars or pubs, the sauna can be an exceptional choice of venues for socialising with your companions.

There are many things that make sauna a unique experience along with being a healthy activity. No doubt that regular visits to the sauna at the best Thai spa in London will eventually enjoy the rejuvenation of your skin and revitalisation of your body.

If you are interested in experiencing a luxurious sauna session, you should book your treatment at Thai Square Spa. We are now offering exciting Christmas promotions for our Sen Space spa days in London, for instance, you can enjoy our 60-minute Sen Space experience with your companion with our Platinum Christmas package. We also have Silver and Gold Christmas packages which are definitely the perfect Christmas gift ideas for your family and friends.