Our Ancient Ritual Mud Wrap and Its Benefits

At Thai Square Spa our treatments are incrediblyluxuriating and created to suit the needs of every client. This one inparticular, we feel everyone will benefit from. We use Dead Sea mud, one thatwas adored by Cleopatra because of its endless remedies. This is a 90 minutetreatment that will completely relax, unwind and detoxify you.

What are the Benefits? 

Increases Circulation

The Dead Sea mud helps stimulate your blood flow. Thisincreased circulation helps to bring nutrients and oxygen to your cells as wellas also making the skin feel and look firm and toned. Good circulation helps tofight off bacteria and improves brain function, allowing you to stay sharp andfocused.


This treatment is incredible at detoxifying your skin, asit draws out all impurities and toxins. It gently exfoliates the skin, leavinga nice and soft finish as all the dead skin is removed. This treatment is alsorecommended for those who have oily skin and are acne prone. It cleans out theclogged pores, allowing them to breathe which will give you better skin.

Improves Skin Health

Dead Sea mud is very high in minerals. Some of thembeing, sodium chloride, magnesium, iron and calcium. This makes this treatmentvery nourishing for your skin. It makes your skin extremely soft and improvestexture and tone drastically, making it more even. This treatment isexceptional for those who suffer with skin conditions like psoriasis, atopicdermatitis and vitiligo.

Relieves Aches and Pains

Not only is our ancient ritual mud wrap treatmentrelaxing, with amazing health and skin benefits, it is also extremelytherapeutic. It’s amazing at treating rheumatic conditions such as rheumatoidand osteoarthritis. It’s very calming and helps those with tender and soremuscles, a must for those who have suffered from a sports injury.

At Thai Square Spawe have an extraordinary team who are well trained in looking after you,experienced and incredibly talented and do everything to a very high standardin order to give you the best service possible. Visit us at our luxurious spain the heart of London in Trafalgar Square to experience this deeply relaxingtreatment. Book now online at or call 0207 839 7990.