Mother’s Day Spa Package at Thai Square Spa

Thai Square Spa is the famous Thai spawhich is renowned not just for Thai massage in London, but a plethora oftreatments, including all kinds of holistic therapies; body scrubs, facials,steam rooms, saunas, hydrotherapy, dietary, meditation, and soul-cleansing. Itis the place to experience the utmost relaxation within a calm atmosphere thatheals your body, mind and soul. With all these options available, and for oneto have the ultimate Thai beauty experience, treat yourself to the best spa inLondon; Thai Square Spa. This day spa in London offers exciting packages forbeauty treatments and massages tailored to the amount of time and attention youdesire. You will find a fabulous range of exotic Thai treatments performed byattentive, experienced and expertly trained Thai therapists in ornatesurroundings.

Mother’s Indulgence

Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate withthe most important woman in your life. One who played a very big role in makingyou who you are today. Every mother deserves to be appreciated for the love andcare they give to children. So, why not treat your mother to the best day spain London for Mother’s day? If you would love to pamper and spoil her, thensearch no further because this Thai spa in London has got you covered. ThaiSquare Spa offers a golden Maharani facial, an absolutely divine treatment thatwill leave her face clean, clear, and refreshed. It no doubt paints a ray ofsunshine and keeps a mother glowing. Moreover, Thai Lotus Defence Facial is anew addition to the facial treatments at Thai Square Spa. This magical facialtherapy is designed to bring vitality to your skin while feeling refreshed andrelaxed. Every mother deserves the best and that’s why with the MothersIndulgence package, she will be treated with a fresh floral bath, Thai healingherbs, Siamese foot therapy and a bespoke ritual massage, finishing with acleansing Bali body scrub.

Mother’s day package details

Thai Square Spa offers excellent productswith the best variety of spa treatments helping you make the most of your spadays in London. Is there a better or more unique way of telling your mum youlove her than booking a half day or even a whole day’s pampering at the spa?Then, Thai Square Spa is the best place to prepare a surprise for your belovedmother. We offer a range of spa packages, ranging from Spa Sampler Packages toFull Day Spa Packages. If these are not special enough, then we have our luxuriousMotherly Love Spa Package that is specifically designed as the perfect Mother’sDay gift this year!