Mindful Massage- Taking the spa industry by storm

There is no denying the fact that the year 2014 has been instrumental in setting the trends in wellness programming, mindful living and holistic fitness.  In fact, such modes of fitness have proved beneficial and aid millions in clearing the clutter in their minds causing over stimulation in today's supercharged world. Rather the trend of mindful living has made an indelible impact on almost everyone from the co-founder of Twitter to Dalai Lama. It has also caught the fancy of more people due to Steve Jobs attributing a lion’s share of his success to the practice of meditation and other  such holistic practices.

The trend has turned out to be the biggest movements in the spa industry as more and more  people are desperately craving a reboot of their brains in their highly stressful lives. Mindfulness renders them an effective tool to cope with the toll that the daily grind has on them. The Mindfulness Massage has been proven to exhibit amazing results like re-wiring our brains to reduce anxiety, enhance the feel good factor and focus besides rendering even more creativity. Fortunately, it has also been able to influence almost all walks of life who are waking up to the fact that mindful living accounts to a healthy mind that is a lot more focused.

Not only that but various studies are surfacing which intrigues us about this mindfulness massage and its extraordinary benefits. Studies have suggested and linked mindfulness with improved quality of sleep, emotional stability, a lot better cognitive functions and boosted productivity. The physical benefits of spa and wellness activities in terms of stress reduction & relaxation have been known since time immemorial, but in 2014 the inception of interweaving mindfulness techniques has been outstanding in aiding us to reach a whole new level of serenity and calm. Apart from that such therapies have rendered us the tools we duly require to keep our focus intact on what really matters in our lives, both at work front (with renewed focus and productivity) and at home (by being in the moment with the ones we care for).