Make Her Feel Special with These Special Gifts

Ring in the festive season Istyle and let your loved ones feel special with these unique gift ideas, be ita birthday or an anniversary, a new job or a promotion. An exclusive collection of gifts with exotic aromas and textures can say it all. We have a wide range of products with exotic fragrances to offer. Each gift comes with a promise.These special gifts have magical powers to relax, restore and revive with expertly blended formulations that harness the potent natural power of botanicals, oriental essential oils and herbs.

You can choose from a wide rangeof bath, body and lifestyle products to give to someone special.

iMantara spa products bring both body and mind back into the most harmonious state of balance.

Your skin is a gift of nature but how you look after it, really matters. Look out for the right occasion togive your loved ones the best products available.

Browse through our whole collection as nothing is worth missing. Then you can select from the wide rangeof products available. To make your task easy, here are a few suggestions. You can give SO SEN UPLIFTING JASMINE BODY WASH that comes with a blend of coconut extracts and olive oil. The Thai Jasmine water and Jasmine Sambac essential oil soothes, revives and restores body andmind.  You can also make a combo of bodywash and SO SEN UPLIFTING JASMINE BODY LOTION, which effortlessly sinks intothe skin and hydrates it. Jojoba and Thai Coconut Oils are incredibly moisturising and restorative.

Shea Butter leaves legs and arms super smooth. Another option is SIAMESE SERENITY REFINING BODY POLISH. It revitalises the skin and helps regain a healthy natural glow. Walnut and Apricot gently slough skin back to its radiant best. Thai Longan Extract is anti-aging and tightening, Thai Turmeric refreshes the skin. Rosemary,Lavender, Geranium, Grapefruit and Sandal wood are essential oils that energise,relax and rebalance.    

Another essential item is JASMINE HIGH-SHINE SHAMPOO. It gently cleanses hair without stripping away natural oils. High-levels of Olive oil, Jasmine, coconut extract and organic essential oils. Restoreelasticity and moisture levels. Peppermint oil energises and Aloe Vera soothes the scalp. Hair is left super glossy and full of body with the soft, heady scent of Jasmine.


Treat your hands to some everyday pampering with this wonderfully indulgent Hand Bath. Rich, creamy anddecadent, hands feel beautifully revived and refreshed. Cucumber extract hydrates and soothes, Thai Jasmine Flower extract is energising and restorative.  You can choose among the wide range of best spa products.

All our products have been developed after intense scientific research in Thailand's most advanced cosmetic laboratories.