A Look Back at the Origin of Thai Massage

Thai massage is one of the branches of traditional Thai medicine. It has been practised for over 2500 years. It is a truly restorative and healing practice that has been handed down through the centuries. Thai massage involves the deep stretching and massage ofthe muscles to release tension and buildup of lactic acid and other toxins. This practice improves blood circulation and treats a number of problems such as nerve problems, flexibility issues, organ dysfunction, and muscle or nerve pain.

Unlike other massage techniques,Thai massage uses the body’s energy line to restore and re-energise the entire body. A Thai massage session can last approximately one or two hours because the whole body is treated. Each part of the body is stretched and massaged to encourage blood flow. Thai massage is suitable for anyone, as each session is individualised based on your needs, age, and body.

Thai massage is not just seen asa massage practice. It is also viewed as a spiritual practice in its connections with the teachings of the Buddha. For thousands of years, the art of Thai massage was taught, learned, and practised at Buddhist temples. Only in recent years have massage institutions outside of these temples been established so that Thai massage could be shared with guests from around the globe. Thai Square spa provides the best and most authentic Thai massage in London. Providing a vast range of great spa deals, London based central location and professionally trained staff who are well versed in the Thai traditions.

Unlike Western massage practice and technique, Thai massage does not rely on the kneading of the muscles torelieve tension and active the body’s energy. Instead, coupled with stretching,Thai massage uses pressure to activate energy points on the body and produce results. In fact, much of the style of Thai massage reflects yoga practice more closely than traditional massage techniques. The stretches involved in a Thai massage mimic the poses and stretches done in the Hatha style of yoga so that this practice effectively combines massage with yoga poses and stretches.

In addition to its usefulness inrelieving muscle pain and tension, Thai massage can also alleviate problems such as asthma, tension headaches, and constipation. It has also been used to help patients recover from the side effects of heart attack, or to regain mobility and flexibility lost as a result of nerve damage or stroke.

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