What do you know about Thai Massage?

For spa-lovers, Thai massage is not something new to you already. However, how much do you know about Thai massage actually?

So,what is Thai Massage?

Also known as ‘Lazy Yoga’, Thai massage is a massage treatment that involves using yoga poses to stretch your exhausted and tensed muscles. Although the techniques are superficially similar to Swedish massage, there are significant differences between Thai massage and Swedish massage which the former includes the stimulation of acupressure points in order to provide much-needed relief to sore muscles and joints. The massage itself leaves you feeling much relaxed as the tension and stress flow out of your body.

Another technique unique to Thai massage is the blocking and subsequent releasing of the blood flow to the areas where the legs and arms connect to the torso of the body. This boosts the circulation as the blood rushes back into the arms and legs that you can feelas the heat returns to these areas. This is one of the popular massages thatyou can find at your favourite Thai spa in London.

Unlike other types of spa massages, there is no essential oil or lotion applied to the skin and you remain fully clothed for the experience. You will also notice that no table or elevated area is needed during the process of Thai massage, it can be performed with you lying on a padded mat or perhaps a futon that is located on the floor.The therapist will apply the pressure using their hands, feet, and knees that position you in different yoga positions, thus the moniker of lazy yoga, that brings relief and comfort to the muscles in your body once the session is completed.


While it may be a discomforting experience to those who are new to this type of massage therapy, there are numerous benefits of experiencing Thai massage in London.

Thaimassage is effective in:

1.      Relieving Stress

2.     Relieving Headaches and Back Pain

3.     Improving Balance in the Body

4.    Addressing Muscle Spasticity

5.    Boosting Energy

While this form of massage brings different health benefits to the recipients, it’s important to note that the long-term benefit of stress relief can result in an overall improvement in your health. Thai massage also leaves you feeling invigorated and energised thanks to the renewed blood flow in the body. For those who suffer from tension headaches and in particular, back pain, Thai massage is a real blessing as iteasily takes away much of the discomfort.

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