Himalayan Ritual Massage – An indulgent spa experience at the best spa in London

Living and working in the big city can often bring about a sense of anxiety and stress, and so what’s better than unwinding at a day spa in London, a sense of relaxation and the best massage you can get in the heart of a modern metropolis? There is plenty of luxurious spa treatments that you can choose from the best spa in London.

The top-quality Himalayan Ritual Massage is something that will surprise you during your visit at Thai SquareSpa - an award-winning Thai massage in London. The art of this ritual massage will surely leave you truly spirited inbody and mind.

Whatis a Himalayan Ritual Massage?

This type of massage is ritualistic. It takes place in a salt room where the crystals and salts comeright from the very rivers, valleys and waters of the Himalayan Mountain range.These are no ordinary salts either: it has been claimed for centuries that the properties in the Himalayan salts promote healing, versatility and purity.

What to expect from the Himalayan Ritual Massage?

The atmosphere inside ThaiSquare Spa is truly magical, given that our team is committed to creating a peaceful and caring ambience where our spa-goers can completely relax after anexhausting day at work. There is peaceful Zen music playing, ambient mood lighting,flickering candlelight, a feeling that you have been transported to a haven of tranquillity and a sense of anticipation engulfs you as you await your Himalayan massage experience.

You will be led into the changing room area about 10 minutes before your appointment starts, and here you will be provided with some slip-on shoes and a robe (so there will be no need to bring your own).

As you enter the Himalayan Saltroom, you will understand why the flip-flops are needed – the Himalayan saltsand pinkish, tiny crystals seem to be everywhere and knowing the healing properties of these elements just adds to the sense of anticipation.

Combined with various Oriental massage techniques, therapists use our own iMantara essentials oils that will balance, calm and soothe your senses. The treatment itself will stimulate blood circulation around your body, relax your muscles and detox the skin. The skinis hydrated too with a sense of calm and wellbeing oozes over the entire body. Muscles are penetrated and knotted tissue is released by a firm but practical kneading process. Last but not least, the toxin is expelled from the body by sweating or urination. This practice leaves the body and its tissue feeling somewhat lighter and more flexible.

This very treatment is definitely the best massage in London that you should go for. You will drift off into a Zen-like state for the entire hour that you lie on the comfortable massage bed. After experiencing our luxurious Himalayan Ritual Massage, surely your spirit will be uplifted and a broad smile will beam across your face. You will feel less stressed and very much more relaxed than you have for a long while.