The Best Cold Spa Treatment in London

After your time at the best sauna in London at Thai Square Spa, you will need to cool off your body if you want to achieve the best result of stimulating the blood circulation inside your body. The most effective way to do this is to experience our Ice Fountain after your sauna treatment, rubbing the ice flakes against your body.

The combination of Sauna and Ice Fountain experiences will surely deliver you the perfect day spa in London. Here are some benefits of having the Ice Fountain treatment at the best spa in London.

Benefits of Ice Fountain at the Best Spain London

From strengthening your immune system to relieving stress, there are many advantages offered by the Ice Fountain treatment.

Boosts Blood Circulation

The Ice Fountain treatment primarily aims at promoting blood circulation inside your body. To maximise the result, the best way is to arrange a sauna treatment first and then follow by Ice Fountain therapy. Rubbing cold iceflakes on your heated body will bring a stimulating tingling on your skin. This will further enhance your blood circulation and provide you with a uniquely refreshing experience.

Rejuvenates the Skin

Rubbing ice flakes on your skin at the Cold Zone facilities at the best Thai spa in London will rejuvenate your skin. The Ice flakes do not only tighten the pores, but also have an exfoliating effect on your skin. Eventually, your skin will be smoother and revitalised.

Strengthens the Immune System

The Ice Fountain treatment benefits you more than just boosting bloodcirculation and rejuvenating your skin. It also improves the functions of your immune system and equips you in preventing and fighting against any common illnesses. There is no better way to fight common sickness than doing it in anatural way at the best spa in London.

Improves the Appearance of Cellulite

Cellulite is the dimples found on women’s thighs and hips, which are unattractive and unsightly. With the Ice Fountain treatment at the Thai spa,the appearance of these stripes can be effectively eliminated and reduced.

Helps in Relieving Muscular Pain

Muscle pain and joint issues are the common problems experienced by manypeople. Some are related to the ageing issue, while some are attributed tounhealthy lifestyles. Besides applying soothing cream in the affected area, oneof the best ways to do this is to book yourself an Ice Fountain treatment atthe best spa in London. This will give you a tingling effect on your musclesfor relaxation, alleviate the pain and muscular discomfort.

Ice Fountain treatment is a relaxing and a highly recommended treatment thatyou should experience during your spa days in London. At Thai Square Spa, we do not only provide the best massage in London, we also have the finest Ice Fountain and Sauna in London as well. There is a long list of benefits offered by Ice Fountain treatment,and the best way is to book yourself a cold treatment and enjoy your perfect spa days in London with us.

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