How Spa Treatment Makes Your Body Relax?

Life is hectic and stressful; thanks for little mercies like Spa treatments. There is no denying the fact that Spa treatments are the best way to relax. Imagine how amazing the Saturday becomes when you book yourself a Seasonals special Spa treatment at Thai Square Spa. The joy of feeling the masseurs hands over your tense musclesand forgetting all worries of life for that one hour! Slowly the tension andstress give way to calmness and relaxation as her gentle hands knead into yourskin and give relief to your sore muscles.

So how does Spa calms your body, here is the explanation

1. It has been medically proven that Spa treatments remove the layer of dead cell on the body. Spa treatment begins with exfoliation of the upper layer of your skin. This is how the skin gets the glow.

2. Everyday routine is so tiring that we fail to notice how tired we look. The worst to suffer in our ambitious lifestyle are our feet and spine. No wonder, you feel neck or back pain now and then. The feet also hurt with constant activity and high heels indulgence.Taking a spa treatment once a month is the most effective way of soothing your nerves and relieving all kinds of body aches.

3. Spa treatments involve body massage which is very good for improving the blood circulation. The massage results in increasing metabolism and helps you reduce weight. You end upfeeling lighter and fresher after your spa session.

4. Spa treatments result inreleasing endorphins into the bloodstream. Recent studies suggest that endorphins not just enhance the immune system but also slow down the ageing process. These endorphins impact our emotional well-being as well. Most of the people feel emotionally charged up and experience pleasantness after taking a spa.

5. People who suffer from sleepapnea or sleeping disorder benefit maximum with regular Spa treatments. Thai Spa treatments use some traditional herbs and oils which soothe the nervous system and calm your mind. A calm mind would have lesser thoughts and would be more attuned to a regular sleeping pattern.

Indeed, one spa is all you need to relax your mind and body and feel refreshed this summer.