All you need to know about Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone knead is an outstanding massage where the therapist makes use of smooth, warmed stones, either as an expansion of their own hands, or putting them on the body while they knead different parts of the body. The hotness could be both profoundly unwinding and help warm up tight muscles so the therapist can work all the more intensely and more rapidly.

In hot stone back rub, the therapist puts the smooth, warmed and flat stones on specific point of the body. The hotness from the stones infiltrates deep into the muscles and gets out negative energy and revives the mind, body and soul.

Temperament of the Stone

In hot water volcanic basalt stones are warmed to an approximate 50 degrees Celsius or around temperature of 120 to 130 degrees Fahrenheit. The hot stones are very smooth and are of different sizes and shapes. With the intent to prevent them from bacterial contagion the stones are kept in very hygienic condition.

Since Basalt stones are filled with iron it has natural capability to soak and hold the hotness that will alleviate anxiety and strain in muscles and ameliorate blood circulation. The warmth of the hot stones likewise smoothes the sensory system.

Where the Hot Stone Massage is used

The massage specialist will invariably hold the stones in their hand prior placing them on your body to ensure that they are not excessively hot. The main areas focused with hot stone massage are spotted in the hand, toes and back. The specialist moves the stone over the body by applying right weight. The provisional position of hot stones on these zones unwinds the muscles. However, this kind of back rub is effortless and feels to be calm after completion.

Before taking hot stone massage, keep in mind that you don’t eat much for the reason that at the time of massage you may have to lay on the bed by facing downwards. You must speak with the therapist if the stones are excessively hot or excessively of weight is put on. This kind of back rubs may last for 60 to 90 minutes.

What are the advantages of Hot Stone Massage?

• Increase the circulation of blood and accelerate the process of healing.

• Endorses the serenity, which lessens depression and stress.

• Lessens the level of stress and pressure on hands, fingers and thumbs joints.

• Sound sleep for numbers of days after taking the massage

Well to know the benefits of the massage the best way is to take the massage and experience the leisure and contentment that no other massage can provide.