Holistic Relaxation Experience

Discover Tranquillity with our 'ThaiHerbal Healer' in this Autumn

This traditional Thai herbaltherapy is designed to alleviate tension and stiffness in your muscles. Thetherapeutic process commences by applying a heated Thai herbal poultice infusedwith an array of healing Thai herbs and spices. Subsequently, you'll experiencea complete body ritual massage using Imantara So Sen Uplifting Jasmine Massageand Body Oil.

The benefits of a hot compressmassage include:

●      Muscle Relaxation:

The heat from the compress helpsrelax tense muscles, reducing stiffness and discomfort.

●      Pain Relief:

It can alleviate pain andsoreness in muscles and joints, making it effective for conditions likearthritis or muscle injuries.

●      Improved Circulation:

Hot compresses can promote better blood flow,which can aid in healing and reduce inflammation.

●      Stress Reduction:

The warmth and gentle pressurecan help relax the mind and reduce stress, leading to an overall sense ofrelaxation and well-being.

●      Detoxification:

The heat can induce sweating,which can aid in the removal of toxins from the body.

●      Improved Flexibility:

Relaxed muscles are more pliable, making iteasier for the therapist to work on knots and tension.

●      Better Sleep:

Many people experience improvedsleep quality after a hot compress massage due to reduced tension and stress.

●      Enhanced Skin Health:

The heat can open up pores andimprove skin health.

●      Relief from Respiratory Issues:

In some cases, hot compressescan be beneficial for respiratory conditions by loosening mucus and promotingeasier breathing.

●      Aromatherapy Benefits:

Often, essential oils or herbsare used in conjunction with hot compresses, adding the benefits ofaromatherapy to the massage session.



A traditional Thai herbaltherapy to soothe tense, stiff muscles. This healing treatment begins with theapplication of a warm Thai herbal poultice, which contains a variety oftherapeutic Thai herbs and spices.

A full body ‘ritual massage’follows using Imantara So Sen Uplifting Jasmine Massage and Body Oil.



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