A guide to the common massage techniques used in the best massage in London

Over the past several decades,spas have been delivering spa treatments that have helped a number of people torelax, unwind, and have even improved feelings of well-being. There is no shortage of spa centres in London, where you can enjoy all types of massages. Situated in the heart of Central London, Thai Square Spa is well-known for delivering the best massage in London. This is the perfect destination where people can enjoy luxurious and relaxing day spa in London.

For those who plan to visit day spa London, it helps to know about the different massage techniques that are used. Let’s take a look at the common techniques used in the spa treatments in the following article.

Thai Massage

Practised for more than 2500 years, traditional Thai massage is a combination of yoga postures, acupressure and Indian Ayurvedic principles, creating an unparalleled spa experience. While there is constant body contact between the giver and recipient, Thai massage does not involve any use of essential oils or lotions. Instead, this form of massage involves a deep stretching of the muscle to release tension andre-energise the whole body. This also helps improve blood circulation and todeal with nerve problems, organ dysfunction and flexibility issues, etc.

Thanks to its effective massage techniques, Thai massage delivers a special experience for those who have visited the best Thai spa in London and has quickly become one of the favourite massage treatments in the world.

Hot Stone Massage

Available at Thai Square Spa, Hot Stone massage is a speciality treatment using heated flat rocks in the process. Placing the heated rocks on the back of the recipients, the heat from the stones will directly relax the tensed muscles and stimulate blood circulation within the body. The therapist will then incorporate the treatment with a body massage, a standard and effective technique to further optimise the effect of deep relaxation.

Swedish Massage

Arguably the most popular form of massage in spas around the world, this classic massage has evolved and nowuses a combination of 5 different massage techniques, such as kneading,friction and Karate chop to loosen the muscle tension. At Thai Square Spa, we combine the techniques of both Swedish and Thai massages which not only promote deep relaxation but also improve the immune system of the recipient.

Deep Tissue Massage

Similar to Swedish massage innature, Deep Tissue massage targets on releasing the tension in the deepest layerof the muscle. Apart from relieving muscle tensions, this type of massage is also greatly effective in increasing blood flow. However, recipients may feelstiffness or pain after Deep Tissue Massage treatment, but this is simply a normal reaction and will subside within a day.

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