A guide to our facial treatments at the best Thai spa in Central London

Having a luxury spa days at the best Thai spa London is an unique and unforgettable experience for anyone.There are various types of spa treatments offered by Thai Square Spa. If you are looking for the best facial treatments and wondering about which treatments that you should get, here is an introductory guide to what you can expect from a facial treatment, as well as our facial treatments at Thai Square Spa.

1. Facial Massage

Thai Square Spa offers traditional Thai facial massage, an important and relaxing step in our skincare treatments to prevent any sign of anti-aging. The massage will loosen your face muscle and increase the blood circulation and bring oxygen to your face as well. For some people, a facial massage can help with reducing wrinkles and acne. Eventually, your skin condition will improve, and deliver you a more radiant and youthful complexion.

2. Exfoliation

Exfoliation is commonly paired with other facial treatments and greatly beneficial to improve your skin condition. It is largely used in facial treatments to remove dry and dead skincells. It can also be used to reduce the dark spots and acne scarring on yourface over time. And most importantly, exfoliation allows the skin product ingredients to be absorbed into the skin and achieve better results.

3. Steam

Apart from facial massage and exfoliation, steaming is also a common process inour facial spa treatments. It is often used to soften any hardened oil that ishidden in the pores, and it will make the pore cleansing easier. It is alsoparticularly useful in hydrating your dry skin, and do not forget to apply facial lotion at the end of the treatment to keep your skin moist. At Thai Square Spa, we offer facial steam with Thai herbal compress to leave your skin nourished and purified.

4. Facial Treatments at Thai Square Spa

You can enjoy the best massage in London and different types of facial treatments at Thai Square Spa, the best Thai spa London. Our facial treatments are designed for all skin types, and are suitable for both men and women. We use different practices in our facial treatments to bring you a healthy and nourished complexion, such as Thai herbal compress and hot towels. In one of our facial spa packages, we apply masks blended with essential oils to keep your skin purified and hydrated.

It is recommended to try out our Golden Maharani Facial Treatment,which is the finest and most luxurious facial treatment to bring you a gorgeous and luminous complexion. It involves different practices, such as facial treatment, exfoliation, and Thai herbal compresses. Our 24-carat Pure Gold Collagen Mask is the most essential part in this spa treatment which will deeply hydrate your dry and dull skin with its opulent ingredients. Your spa experience will end with a mini head and shoulder massage to loosen the tensionin your body.

As the best Thai spa London, we offer a great range of treatments to bring you a special spa day experience that will last for a lifetime. If you are not sure about what facial treatments will work for you, feel free to contact Thai Square Spa for more information about the services. Finally, do not forget to check out our website for the latest promotion, as we have the best spa deals in London.