A guide on different types of spa centres

You have probably noticed that there are different types of spa centres. You may have wondered what the differences are between day spas and destination spas. There are at least five different types of spas and arguably more around the world. So why not check out what are the differences between these spa centres? Here is a list of the most popular ones.


As the name suggests, you will find this spa centre at the airports, which are specialised in delivering short and quick spa treatments such as oxygen therapy or chair massage. This type of spa is designed for travellers who have checked in and are waiting for their next flights, where they can enjoy and relax before their journeys.


Day Spa is where spa-goers can enjoy a wide range of spa treatments, ranging from hair treatments to manicure and pedicure services. It sets itself apart from a beauty salon, as it also has spa facilities like sauna, steam room, etc. It is the perfect destination for people who would like to spend a day on relaxing and beneficial spa therapies.


Although popular in the 1990s, the term destination spa is one that is not often used today. Offering a wider range of spa treatments, this type of spa centre also offers fitness centres, wellness education and healthy cuisine for the spa-lovers. Introducing a healthier lifestyle, people usually spend a night or two there.

HealthClub Spa

Sometimes you will find a spa centre inside a health club, where they offer spa therapies as part of the overall treatments. Generally, they offer a range of spa treatments, but some may specialise in certain therapies that go along with the theme of the health club.

Medical Spa

This is a spa that offers medical treatments such as Botox or laser resurfacing alongside regular spa features. This is a spa operated under a doctor’s supervision, especially for the medical treatments.

Mineral Spas

Specialised in hydrotherapy treatments, Mineral Spa mainly offers natural mineral, seawater, or thermal spring services. They are spa resorts that are established around natural mineral springs, and some of them also provide other entertainment facilities or tourist attractions as well.

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