Facial products used in the best spa in London

If you are considering getting a facial treatment at the best spa in London, then you will need to pay attention to the products that the therapist applies on to your skin. For the most part,the therapist uses certain products to optimise the results of your facial treatments providing a youthful appearance. If you are going to your day spa in London, it is best to do a little research on what kind of products are used in their facial therapies.

Here are some facial products used by therapists in the best spa in London.


Also known as facial scrubs o rpeeling gel, exfoliants are a common facial product that is very effective in removing the dead cells of your skin. Exfoliating your skin is an important step in facial treatments as it does not only remove dead skin cells, it also keeps your pores clean and helps your skin to absorb moisturisers and other skin care products better. At Thai Square Spa, our therapists are well-trained,so you should not worry about damaging your skin.


Hot and moist towels are sometimes used to replace the facial steamer during the treatments. Often used before the process of exfoliation, the hot towel opens up your pores and helps your skin getting rid of the impurities hidden inside.


Facial masks are an ideal skincare products which take care of all your problems. For example, if you have oily skin, a mask made from clay-based products will remove the unwanted oil or sebum. Or if you have dry skin, there are masks that are specifically designed to help hydrating your skin. After applying a facial mask, your skin will feel tightened and toned.


Moisturising your skin is acritical step in your daily skincare routine, as well as your facial treatment at the best spa in London. Keeping your skin hydrated and reducing the appearance of blemishes, this facial product is a key to maintaining a healthy and youthful appearance.

The Golden Maharani Facial Treatment at Thai Square Spa

Our Golden Maharani FacialTreatment is a luxurious treatment specifically designed to provide spa-goers with radiant and healthy skin. This 90-minute facial treatment starts with agentle exfoliation and a Thai herbal hot compress. Then, the 24-carat Pure Gold Collagen Mask is the star of this treatment. Its ingredients are very effectivein hydrating the dull, dehydrated skin, as well as stimulating the collagen production. At the end, there are mini head and shoulder massages, providing a finishing touch to this facial treatment.

Apart from this Golden Maharani Facial Treatment, Thai Square Spa also offers other relaxing, invigorating facial treatments for both men and women. We used different facial products tomaximise the effects of our treatments. If you happen to be allergic to certain ingredients or materials, then you must in form your therapist before thetreatment begins.

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