Best Facial Treatments at Thai Square Spa

When your face is exposed to the sun and air pollution every day, the best way to take excellent care of your complexion is to visit the best spa in London for its relaxing facial treatments. A top quality facial is perfect for improving your skin condition and providing you with a healthy and radiant complexion.

We offer a wide range of facial treatments at Thai Square Spa, such as Traditional Thai Facial and Facial Revival, etc. If you are uncertain about which facial treatment you should book, then this guide will show you what you can expect from the facial treatments at the best Thai spa in London.

Traditional Thai Facial Treatment

Using organic skincare products,this one-hour Thai facial treatment is perfectly designed for all skin types. Starting with a traditional facial steam, followed by Thai herbal compress andfacial massage, this treatment is effective in keeping your skin clean, tonedand moisturised.

FacialRevival Treatment

Our Facial Revival is the suitable facial therapy for your pre-party preparation. Applying a purifying and nourishing mask, the treatment helps keep your complexion smooth and luminous. There is no doubt that you will shine and look gorgeous at the party later.

TheGolden Maharani Facial Treatment

Our Golden Maharani Facial Treatment is the most luxurious facial treatment that will bring you a luminous and healthy complexion. Regarded as one of the finest facials by the Good Spa Guide Awards, this facial treatment involves a Jasmine-based exfoliation and Thai herbal compresses. Our 24-Carat Pure Gold Collagen Mask is the indispensable element in the whole facial therapy, which will deeply hydratethe skin with its nourishing properties. To make your day spa in London complete, this award-winning facial treatment will end with a Thai head and shoulder massage.

Featured in BBC's The Apprentice, our Golden Maharani Facial Treatment is the exclusive spa treatment that you should try out at Thai Square Spa.

Keep in mind, facial treatmentis not only designed for women. Men are now becoming more aware of the benefits of taking care of their skin. Therefore, we offer some men’s only facial treatments at Thai Square Spa to cater their needs.

Gentlemen’sHot Towel Facial

This is a classic and relaxing therapy using a hot towel that has been soaked with essential oils. Wrapping it around your face, it will help tone and cleanse your complexion thoroughly.This facial will end with a Thai facial massage for you to loosen up.

ThaiSquare Spa Majestic Jade Facial

In this men’s only facial, we take advantage of the power of collagen and jade stone to provide you with a healthy and glowing complexion. We first massage the collagen into your face and neck and then followed by the jade stone, which is used to smooth your wrinkles and revitalise your skin. This treatment ends with a Buddhist exercise to help you relax from your daily chores.

Well-known as the best spa in London, Thai Square Spa provides a solution for all skin types. The facial products we used are all made from Thai flowers that have been used by the Thai Royal Family in their facial skin care routine. This organic combination ofseven Thai flowers helps cleanse, repair, moisturise and revitalise yourcomplexion.

If you are looking for the best facial treatment in London, Thai Square Spa is the ideal spot for you. Remember to check out our latest spa deals in London.