Express Spa For Travellers in London

You must have noticed a new trend of Spas coming up at airports and business centres. They cater for the needs of this new group of customers who suffer from time-poverty. They are on the lookout for quick fixes. There is no need for booking in advance and they can also accommodate people with tighter budgets. Since these treatments do not need advance booking, business men can manage to go in the time available between two meetings or if any plans get cancelled at the last minute.  Let’s look at some of the features of these services for business travellers in London.


This is the foremost reason togo to a spa. Business travellers are stressed due to travelling and meetings. For them, a spa acts as a medicine. Spa has a ‘feel good factor’ so a person is full of energy before he leaves for an important meeting. It de-stresses the muscles leaving you fresh and active. Massage can reduce tension, headache and anxiety. They are effective in overcoming jet lag.

Less time consuming

Research has proved that even asmall dose of spa does wonders. It is not necessary to spend hours feeling relaxed. In fact small sittings work best since time is the biggest constraintfor businessmen who have meetings lined up for the whole day. It is difficult for businessmen to take out time for themselves. Express spa service is less time consuming andtailored to fit the needs of travellers in London. They are particularly designed for our time pressed customers. Since they are less time consuming, they can beavailed at any time, even in between two meetings.


Express services are comparatively cheaper than normal services. These services have been adjusted to fit the needs of busy people and at a lower price. These packages are consumer centricand flexible to meet their needs. A quick clean up is a mini facial which leaves you with the same feeling as that of a facial but at the same time is faster and cheaper. Since they are pocket friendly, you don’t have to think twice before jumping at this opportunity.

Express spa services are ablessing for busy travellers!