Why essential oils are important in spa treatments?

At Thai spa London, it is common to see essential oils being used in the spa treatments. This type of spa treatment is also known as aromatherapy massage. It is generally believed that the use of essential oils in spa treatments can help soothe the body and mind, and there are different kinds of essential oils that you will find in Thai spa facilities, for example, Ylang Ylang, Jasmine, Lavender, etc. At Thai Square Spa, we use our own essential oils to improve our recipients’ physical and psychological well-being in our ritual treatments.

In this article, you will get toknow more about the use of essential oils in Thai spa, and why Thai Square Spa also uses essential oils in some of its spa treatments as well.

Benefits of using Essential Oils in Spa

1.      Help with stress and anxiety

Essential oils are known for their relaxing and healing properties, which are greatly beneficial in soothing people’s minds and improving their psychological well-being. Particularly, someof the essential oils, including Palo Santo, Mandarin and Lavender are very effective in reducing stress levels and minimising insomnia, anxiety and panic attacks. Therefore, they are very popular in most of the spa treatments and related products.

2.     Helps create a comfortableenvironment

The relaxing properties in essential oils also are effective in creating a comfortable environment for the spa treatments. Using a burner or a diffuser to infuse the room with a lovely aroma, our recipients can completely relax themselves and enjoy the following spa treatment more. Moreover, the scents can also help with relaxation and lifting the spirit. The most common essential oils used in spa are mostly rosemary, bergamot, lemon, orange and eucalyptus. Citrus essential oils are best for lifting spirits and dealing with depression.

3.     Helps the Skin Texture

Interestingly, essential oilshave the properties that can help improve the skin texture and condition. They are thus often used in skin masks and other skin care products, such as Helichrysum, Lavender, and Frankincense.

4.    Improves Circulation

Apart from relaxing properties,essential oils are also effective at improving blood circulation. Oils, like peppermint, ginger, and sandal wood are useful in facilitating blood flow and improving poor blood circulation by toning the blood vessels. Therefore, our therapists tend to use essential oils to enhance the effectiveness of the spa treatment.

It is important to remember that essential oils have to be used with carrier oils during the spa sessions,because they are too strong to apply directly on the skin alone.

At Thai Square Spa, we combine orange, petitgrain and bergamot in our Essential Body Glow ritual therapy which helps our recipients to feel rejuvenated and revived. Purchase our essential oils online and book your luxurious spa treatments atthe best spa in London now.