Best Treatments for Travellers at Thai Square Spa

Travelling is one of the best lifeexperiences but can also be stressful for your body. The side effects of along-haul flight go from simple tiredness to more serious ones. Low-humidityair in a plane dehydrates your body, getting you thirsty and causing frequent headaches.Moreover, this lack of hydration dries out epidermis, producing potentialpremature skin ageing. Sitting for long hours idly is not good either. Highaltitude, in fact, affects blood pressure and you can have your legs swellingor experiencing tension in muscles and backache. Last but not least, jet lagoften causes anxiety and confusion. Feeling sleepy or, on the other hand,having more difficulty going to sleep is irritating and unfortunately, theseproblems can continue even some days.

Whether you’re a tourist visiting London,or you’re returning from a business trip, at Thai Square Spa, you can find thebest way to recover from travelling side effects. The best spa in London offersyou a great variety of massages and skin treatments which will make you feelrelaxed and help you go back more easily to your everyday life.

Post Flight Serenity Massage

Special techniques are used for thismassage which is perfect to fight muscle pain after a long-haul flight. Relyingon our therapists’ cares, you will finally relax and release tensionaccumulated while travelling. This massage is aimed to reduce the swelling ofthe feet and the legs and also to improve blood circulation. Specialexotic-scented oil is used to infuse your mind with positiveness and regenerateyour skin leaving it smooth and nourished. This treatment also includes ourspecial blend tea served to relax your body and give you peace. 

Jet Lag Recovery Package

This is one of the best spa deals inLondon. Enjoy these two hours-long beauty treatments that will help you feelre-energised and ready to get back to your normal routine. This package isperfect if you would like to get rid of tension, relax your body and find yourbalance again. Your feet will be first cleansed with our special Siamese SoleTea Foot Balm, which leaves them moisturised. After that, you will experience adeep body exfoliation using our iMantara Refining Body Polish to get rid ofskin dullness and dead cells. Also, exfoliation evens out skin tone and makesit look healthier and more glowy. The last part of this package is a beautifulfull body massage with Renewed Energy aromatherapy oil, perfect to stimulatecirculation and soothe tired muscles. At the end of the beauty treatment youwill taste our special tea blend to complete the experience and make you feelcompletely relaxed.

If you would like to have the best massage inLondon and try out one of our fantastic Treatments for Travellers at ThaiSquare Spa you just have to book an appointment. After a long flight, your bodyand mind will surely thank you!