The Wonderful Benefits of Specialist Maternity Treatments at the best spa in London

There’s no denying that pregnancy is a fabulous occurrence, and the chance to bring another life into the world is extremely special. However, the nine-month duration is not all smiles and laughs. You see, pregnant women can often experience different sorts of aches and pains, which makes the whole process slightly unpleasant. But, you do not need to put up with the discomfort.

Commonly known as pregnancy massages, our specialist maternity treatments offered by the best Thai spa in London can help you alleviate those pain and aches, and make your pregnancy more comfortable and pleasant.

Although, what exactly are the benefits of specialist maternity treatments?

Helps with anaemia

Unfortunately, the chance of developing anaemia during pregnancy is very high. It’s due to the increase inpressure, which subsequently reduces the amount of haemoglobin in the blood.So, to treat anaemia you may opt for the obvious route, and increase your ironintake. This is a good idea, but a full body massage will improve circulationand get the blood flowing through your body. And thus the chance of developing anaemia is smaller!

Helpswith heartburn

This occurs more often towards the end of a pregnancy, and it is due to your digestive system becoming fatigue and performing more slowly. But, this is actually a symptom naturally happened inside your body, and it is to give the baby more time to absorb nutrients fromfood. However, for the mother, it can result in heartburn, but a massage at the best spa in London will help to calm you down and therefore reduce the symptom.

Helpswith SPD or PGP

With pregnancy, comes a drastic increase in weight, which puts pressure on the joints and muscles. But, the body counter acts this by producing a hormone known as relaxin, which softens those joints. Although, the sad news is that it can be very painful and uncomfortable. This is why a pregnancy massage is so effective, as it releases oxytocin and endorphins, which are natural pain relievers.

Helpswith a backache

As the pregnancy progresses, the baby will enlarge and therefore put more and more pressure on your spine and posture. This then causes muscle aches and pains throughout the lower and upperback. But, fortunately, this can be relieved with some methodical massages, as they can loosen up the tight muscles and remove the horrendous tension.

Helpswith stretch marks

A lot of women are self-conscious about their stretch marks during pregnancy, but they are actually reminders of the incredible journey that you’ve been on. Although,they can be improved with a day spa in London. If you get a massage with an organic oil, it will seep into the skin and give it some moisture. In turn,this will soothe the stretch marks. However, you should make sure the oils are safe for use during pregnancy.

Reputed as the best spa in London, Thai Square Spa offers a range of indulgent specialist maternity treatments,where our expectant mothers can relax their discomforts resulted from pregnancy.

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