Benefits Spa Days For Couples

It is funny how we aremade to believe a spa is more fun when we go with our friends. It is fun tohang out with the girls, but have you ever considered a couples spa day andintroducing them to the delights of a spa day? Invigorating massages, healthy food,a menu of treatments, fluffy bathrobes and slippers.

Spa breaks for couplescould be just the ticket to have some special time out together and maybe begina healthy regime that you can both help each other to stick to after your spadays for two is long past. Although spas don't entice some men, once they haveattempted it, they'll be fully converted! It is also an excellent way of givingthem an insight into the advantages a healthy rest to overcome excessiveamounts of pressure.

Below are some of the benefits of spa breaks for couples:


Detoxing on spa breaksnot only eliminates tension and toxins, but also helps to clear your head. Itwill help you re-energize by cleansing your system, removing poor toxins andregenerating new blood back into your body, especially focused on the kidneys,liver, lungs and skin. As a couple, you can support each other with day-to-dayexercise, nutritious food and detox juices


Alleviating pressure isan important part of your spa, and you will not be short of tranquilactivities. These can vary from curative massages to a whole host of otherspecialist treatments like salt rooms.  Full body massages andhydrotherapy are especially good at removing tension from your muscles, whileholistic tasks help with your flexibility and enhancement of your general wellbeing. Spa days for two gives you the chance to relax and de-stress on a spaday as a couple.

Healthy Ageing

On a healthy aging spabreak, you'll find quite a few anti-ageing treatments, which can help you bothlook and feel younger. Treatments can help with exfoliation, along with cloggedpores and wrinkles.


Some of the most alluringfeatures of a spa break are the idea of being pampered by all the relaxingtreatments a high-end spa provides. Indulging in a pampering session at a spacan include treatments like full body massages, facials and rituals all ofwhich can help improve your health and relationship.

You can have all of theseand more, including luxurious Thai rituals at the Thai Square Spa, make anappointment today to get some quality time with your partner and get pamperedwhile doing so!