5 Surprising Benefits From A Hot Stone Massage

The hot stone massage is a speciality spa treatment that you will find at the luxurious day spa in London.This treatment involves using flat, smooth, heated stones where they are placed on specific areas of your body as an extension of the hands of the therapists. At Thai Square Spa, we offer our own version of hot stone massage. Thai Square Jade Hot Stone Massage - starts with a relaxing floral foot bath and a ritual body massage using our iMantara Royal Rachawadee massage oil. During this body massage, our professional therapists place warm Jade stones on the recipient's body to loosen up the muscles.

Considered as the best massage in London, especially during the cold weather, here are some of the benefits that you will obtain from receiving a jade hot stone treatment.

Increase Blood Flow

Arguably the best reason to under go a hot stone massage is that it improves blood flow to the muscles which further reduces pain, soreness, and tension. Just placing the stones on the different targeted body parts, such as the spine, back, this will open the blood vessels and increase blood circulation within the body. It is a littlewonder that makes this form of massage so popular.

Stress Reduction

In addition to the improved blood circulation, this form of therapy can also reduce stress and anxiety. Just a ten-minute hot stone massage can reduce stress levels and anxiety considerably that you can rest and relax better from your exhaustive daily routine.

Boost Immunity

It may seem a little strange at first that hot stones can improve the immune system. However, by reducing stress levels and improving blood circulation, the immune system can functionat a higher rate of efficiency. For those who have experienced this form of massage, it provides a better, stronger immune system that helps you fight off any potential illnesses and diseases.

Better Sleep

For people who are suffering from a sleep disorder, or widely known as insomnia, a hot stone massage will bean ideal alternative solution. This treatment helps the recipients to fall asleep faster and sleep in a deeper and more relaxed state. Thanks to there storative sleep, people usually wake up refreshed and more energetic after undergoing this special spa treatment.

Works to Relieve Autoimmune Symptoms

Surprisingly, a hot stone massage offers a natural solution for those who suffer from auto immunedisorders such as fibromyalgia. This means that those who have enjoyed a 30-minute hot stone massage can sleep better, have fewer instances of pain, and even fewer trigger points. Whilst it is not a cure for fibromyalgia, regular hot stone massage treatments provide some form of relief to those who suffer from this disorder.

With all these healing qualities provided by the hot stone massage, it is one of the spa treatments that youshould experience at the best spa in London. When you are visiting Thai SquareSpa for the finest, luxurious day spa in London, why not try out our Jade HotStone Massage. No doubt that this will become one of your favourite spatherapies.

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